Jonathan Elias Lossing

Welcome to Jonathan's Page!  We're glad you're here to share in our trip to China to adopt our third child, and first son (and soon to be firstborn), Jonathan Elias. 

John will be updating this site regularly from China to allow you to "tag along" as he picks up Jonathan, get to know him as he goes through all the paperwork, and finally make the long trip home.  Unfortunately, the plan to take the whole family including Beth's parents has changed as Mia has relapsed with her kidney disease.  Grandma, Beth, and Mia will stay behind while Grandad, John, and Sophie go pick up "John-John" (as Sophie calls him).  Departure date is May 3, 2007.

Please be sure to check out his photos at the link below.

About Jonathan

Birth Date:
August 25, 2000
Adoption Date:
May 9, 2007
Place of Origin:
Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China
Given Name:
Chinese: Zhao Xiao Kang
English: Jonathan Elias
Meaning of Name:
Chinese:  Zhao is the last name; Xiao means "small"; Kang means "healthy"
English: Jonathan was not only the name temporarily assigned to him while he remained on our agency's list of waiting children, but it was also the name confirmed by God to us personally when He took us to Luke 1 as we prayed for His perfect will for us.  v13 "But the angel said to him, 'Do not be afraid Zacharias, for your petition has been heard, and your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son and you will give him the name John.'"  Jonathan means "whom the Lord gave"; Elias (pronounced E-LYE-AS)  means "my God is the Lord".
Dossier Sent Date:
Referral Date:
Travel Dates:
May 3-17, 2007; John, Grandad Wolford, Sophie to travel
Additional Info:
Our agency is America World Adoption Association (AWAA). Jonathan is from the Waiting Child program as he is considered "special needs" by China.  He has a Congenital Cardiac Disease described as "Single Atrium, Single Ventricle" and has had one heart surgery in China when he was three years old, shortly after he was abandoned.

 Journey to Jonathan