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Kim Clark May 12, 2007
I was on the Yahoo group, and had to follow your journey to Jonathan. How unselfish your family is!! We adopted in Dec. 05, and what a blessing it has been. Now we have 17, 15 & 2 year old. Hope these next couple of days fly by until they get home. God Bless.
Grammy May 11, 2007
Hi Guys and Sophie Well one week is over and you are on your last leg of the trip before home. We are missing you very much but enjoying your emails, pictures and phone calls. You have made the trip very vivid for us as well. Maybe someday I will get there. I am anxious for you all to be home and to get to meet my new grandson. I am only sorry it will be for such a short time for this first meeting. He really appears to be a sweetheart. Hope he is as comfortable with the women as he seems to be with the men in this family. You men are doing an excellent job with your "chores" and "to do lists". Looking forward to Thursday. Love you much, Grammy
Susan Honeychurch May 10, 2007
Wow! Praying for you all. Can't believe how hard it must be for you to wait, Beth! John, praying praying praying for your wisdom and paitience with Jonathan. I trust God will fill his heart with peace and joy as he makes this transition. God bless you all, I am continually amazed and inspired by your faithfulness!! Love sue.
The frommes May 10, 2007
God never ceases to amaze us with his great love as acted out over these days when you first embraced your beautiful son. That love will continue to strengthen the bonds of your entire family. Beth, we are so happy for your family and I know you and Mia can hardly wait to be hugging your boy and kisses those cheeks of his!!!!! The pictures have been so great. We look forward to them each day. We are continuing to pray for all of you. God Bless !!!!! Cindy,Joe Tim, Jess and Kailee
Carol and fam May 10, 2007
John!! Just talked with Beth--she sounds so good! We are ALL ready for you to come home!! The pix are fabulous and the Lord is answering so many of our prayers! (And you are doing a great job of dressing BOTH your kids!! Ha!) :) What a joy this is to watch unfold. I'm sure the Lord is smiling!! Love you lots!!
Kristi Hurt May 10, 2007
Sweet Jonathan, You are loved beyond belief. Thank you for trusting your new family. We look forward to watching and helping you grow. Enjoy your travels and we will meet you soon. Your new friends, The Hurt Family
The Newtons May 10, 2007
Oh my goodness. I couldn't get through the journal without crying like a baby! There's still a big lump in my throat!! We are praying for all of you and can't wait to meet Jonathan. Congratulations Lossings!! We love you. In Christ, Jessel for Rob, Alana & baby Joey too.
Mickie & Phillip May 08, 2007
What a blessing!!! I am SO excited for you. I know that God has a plan for all of you and I am thankful that you listen to His voice. I will keep praying for Mia as well.
Jennifer Gladwin May 08, 2007
Congratulations - now there are FIVE! It's been a joy to watch this wonderful event unfold. I hope your time apart will go quickly and that Jonathan will adapt well - especially since he has more excitement waiting for him in VA. Blessings to you all!
Susan Jensen May 08, 2007
I saw your post on the IM group. Congratulations on your son. We were there in November picking up our Anna Mei. Enjoy your trip, he is a cutie!