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Mike Darwin October 29, 2008
What a blessing reading your jounals and how you have sought the will of our Lord through the entire process. This is quite a testimony and encouragement to all those who read it. Thanks for sharing your lives in such a transparent manner.
Susan Honeychurch October 10, 2008
Miss you all so much. Everyone looks great. I am so happy to see your pictures! Glad the kids enjoyed the pool. Listening to the red sox beating Tampa Bay so far!
Karol Jacob August 22, 2008
We have just begun our jouney to adopt. I loved reading your stories. What a blessing! :-D
Cindy July 17, 2008
Hi everyone, So glad to see those smiling faces!!! You all look wonderful. Have been checking in and was so happy to see you had the new pictures. Think of you all often. Can you believe we are approaching our 4th gotcha day for Mia and Kailee ? :) Hugs to your family from ours, Cindy ,Joe, Tim, Jesslyn ,and Kailee
Martha Mason July 17, 2008
Hey Beth, just checked in to see how you were doing. looks like you are settling in to NC...would love to hear an update on evrything. Thinking of coming to a Cary, NC homeschool conference in August would love to say hey.
Grammy July 14, 2008
The pictures are great and they are doing amazing in the water. I love the gobbles. Space aliens!!!!!! Wish we could have been at the party - the swing is adorable. Love you all.
Evelyn Reyes. June 21, 2008
I so happy to know that you are in North Caroline right now. Say Hi to Jonathan, Sophie and Mia.
Heather May 21, 2008
We miss you all so much! I can't wait to come down and visit. As soon as I have time I will be there!
Evelyn Reyes March 30, 2008
Hello Beth, I just stop to see how you were doing. I hope everyone in your family are doing fine. God Bless You. kisses and hugs for Jonathan, Sophie and Mia.
Suzanne Cinquemani March 05, 2008
I just wrote a very lengthy entry and apologize for not even introducing myself. I actually got your website address by reading some entries in AWAA yahoo chat. You don't know me so I want to apologize from writing so much... Just want to say thank you for sharing and reading my entry. God bless you and your family immensely!