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Cindy and Jesslyn Fromme December 05, 2005
we just saw the pictures from your gotcha day! Sophie is beautiful! love the smile!! We look forward to more pics later! you are all in our prayers. God Bless!!!
Jennifer Gladwin December 05, 2005
The Lord is AWESOME to provide such a precious new addition to the Lossing family. TYFS. I hope to bump into you all at the airport since I'll be coming back from Canada on the 16th. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
Jennifer Banman December 05, 2005
How exciting! Just continuing to pray for a smooth transition for Sophie. She's beautiful!
The Supps December 05, 2005
Praise be the Lord God Almighty! She is absolutely beautiful! Welcome, Sophie . . . we cannot wait to meet you and welcome you into our lives! God is SO good!
Nichole Toms December 05, 2005
Great idea to have a website! You know I'm all about that. :-) Congratulations on little Sophie - she's so cute with her little red cheeks. I'm praying for you guys. Can't wait to meet little Sophie and welcome you home. Love and miss you!!
Sherri Taunton December 05, 2005
Congratulations! It was great talking to you this morning. She is beautiful...Her smile is Great! We wish we were there with you guys. This site is wonderful.
Amy Pearson December 05, 2005
Sophie is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations! We're so happy for you all here at AWAA! We'll keep checking your website for updates. Have a wonderful time in Jiangxi. Remember, the McDonalds is your best friend. And if you happen to meet a girl there named Xiao Yan Nan, tell her that her friends from the US say hello!
The Luce Family December 05, 2005
Dear Beth and John, Sophie is absolutely beautiful...just like Mia! Congratulations to you all! We are so very happy for you! Can't wait to meet little miss Sophie!!! Love you much! Jason, Donna, Tia & Olivia
Marya December 05, 2005
She's BEAUTIFUL! Look at that smile! You guys must be in heaven! She looks like a happy little girl.....what's she like? Thank you so much for the pix! We are sooooooooooo envious -- just the China trip part. AND I can't believe I can't just pick up the phone and talk to you. I'm going thru Lossing withdrawal already! We are so happy for you all -- and we continue to pray that Mia will enjoy her new MeiMei when she meets her. Much love from the Aratas!
Susan Gladwin December 05, 2005
I love the Lossing family! I am praying for your trip; Sophie's adjustment; and Mia and her grandparents. You are all in my heart, Susan