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Sandy for the Flynns December 07, 2005
What a wonderful way to be introduced to the newest member of the family ! You guys have the most beautiful daughters ! Our hearts are full for you - and we look forward to meeting your angels ! Our whole church family is praying for your family throughout this journey. Treasure every moment - and by the way - we think three is the perfect number ! :)
Lorrie Wegerif December 07, 2005
I know you do not know me but I just read your post about your new daughter. All three of our children from China were living in the orphanages and not fostered. They were all way behind developmentally! Our 18 month old could crawl and sit but that was is and not much of that. She completely caught up within two months of coming home. Our 11 month only could only sit and she would lean forward at that. She was more like 11 1/2 months old. She changed by leaps and bounds and was walking within 3 months. Our 3 1/2 year old at adoption walked like a toddler. I must add he had spina bifida that was repaired in China at the age of 2 1/2 and he started walking then. But I do not think he was allowed down to walk around and exercise much. His leg muscles were very week. In the 10 months we have had him home he has changed soooo much. He is running, jumping and peddling a bike (something I thought he would never do). Any way try not to let it upset you until you get the the states and have her evaluated. She also may not be able to do much without getting overtired beacause of her heart. There are many reasons for these issues and many reasons that can be resolved. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Our first adoption was with AWAA. Lorrie
Heather December 07, 2005
Here goes for the mundane information on my day! Went Christmas shopping and had my eyebrows waxed----painfully! It felt like she was beating me up :( I miss you all and wish I was there with you to eat your Oreos!!! Love you, Heather
jen a ling mommy December 07, 2005
hurry home sophie!!!!! congrats to your mommy and daddy!
Carol and Jenna December 07, 2005
LOVE the hat!!! You are too sweet to include that--Jenna was thrilled. Love the pink bows already...looks like she is a Lossing girl already!
David Sprincis December 07, 2005
Thank you for taking the time to post this type of information about your journey. I have a friend who is scheduled to go next year, and the detailed information you post is just the type of thing to sooth worried minds. God bless you and your children.
grace December 07, 2005
i love you
Tom and Teresa Dienst December 07, 2005
She is beautiful and we are soooo.....happy for you ALL! I know the greatest reunion will be to see Mia and Sohie for the first time. Priceless! She is a Princess and pray our day will come that we are sending you all pictures and holding our Princess! God Bless You All, Safe travels!!!! In HIS Love, Tom and Teresa
Erin Sullivan December 07, 2005
I'm so happy for you guys! I'm glad all is going well.
Fisher Family December 07, 2005
We miss you all and are so thrilled that each morning we get to share your adventures with you in realtime. Praise our Lord and Savior for knitting you three together. We of course are praying for your return and the seamless transition for Miss Mia. We love you all-S,K,A, and little K.