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Heather and Kai December 11, 2005
Our prayers are with you for a quick recovery from this bug that you have so that you can get out shopping again. We miss you all so much. Love, Heather and Kai
The Fisher Family December 11, 2005
So are the Walmart buggys as big as the USA buggys in China? If so, I can only imagine the fee at the airport for excess weight in your checked baggage that you will have to pay! Have a great time showing your little girl the world that she has not seen before.
Wendy December 11, 2005
FIVE days until the Lossings come home! Can't wait! :)
Marya December 11, 2005
I can't wait to see all your pictures! Nanchung sounds fantastic! Folks, Guangzhou is the knock-off capital of China, so I'm sure the Lossing family hasn't posted much because they're SHOPPING!!!! Tee hee hee -- we didn't see much of them on our last trip at this time because they were super-shoppers! It's a terriffic experience: Negotiating for silks, jades, artwork, squeeky shoes, etc. There's a mall right next door to the hotel that has all kinds of little shops in it. Beth, I hope you got a dress made from that material! FANTASTIC. You'll be home soon. Maybe it will snow six inches for you -- after you're safe at home, of course..
Lala Mahaney December 11, 2005
Hi Beth and John, I was away in NYC for business for a few day and I am loving catching up. I confess that when I check back in to the website and there is not a new update, I am a little disappointed. However, expecting you to update the site every two hours is a little unreasonable! :0) So, little Sophie likes to hit occassionally. Well, welcome to the Mahaney kids. And they don't have any orphanage to blame it on. Little Kendall, 2 1/2, who is her 4 year old brothers best friend, tackled a kid while I was home and started pummeling him. I am sure it was provoked (hmmm, urrr, at least I hope it was). He was about 4 years old - - looks like we have a Million Dollar baby on our hands. We are putting her in the 20 pound and under welter weight division. She is gonna be our ticket to the fat life. It is so fun to hear how Sophie is developing - - both physically and in her personality. Your love will go a long way to counteract what she has experienced so far in life - - I bet you see tremendous growth in the next few months. Looks like I am going to be in DC in March for a conference, so I look forward to taking the Lossing family out to eat! The girls will like getting to know Lala - - she is very generous with the green and No is not really in her volcabulary. I love you! Praying for you. Sharing in your joy, your heartache, your hope, your love and your surrender of Sophie to God's ultimate care. She is so lucky - - as are you and Mia. Love, Lala
The Hernandez Fam December 10, 2005
Yay! One week down, less than one to go! Thanks for the Wal-Mart shot--I know that was for me! SUCH good news about how Sophie is taking to you and responding....especially Mama!! LOVE YOU!!!
marcia chapin December 10, 2005
Have laughed and cried as I have read your heart warming commentary about Sophie and your experiences. Our prayers continue for you all as you head home from your journey. love marcia
Jen Chapin December 10, 2005
Beth and John - I'm having such fun following your adventure and can't wait to meet Sophie! She is beautiful and SO blessed to have you both as her parents!!
Wendy December 10, 2005
The picture of John and Sophie at the airport is ADORABLE. She looks absolutely beautiful in that photo....and 100% happy to be in the Lossing Family. Sending lots of love to you guys.
Fisher Family December 10, 2005
What fun stories that you all are sharing - thank you. I would have loved to see the people's reaction to the beautiful westerner with red hair! We will be praying specifically for Sophie's actions and feelings that lead to her hitting and striking out as well as Mia's adjustment to her new sisters attitude. We love you and can not wait to see you all next Friday!