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Dr Charles October 07, 2013
Hello Every one, my name is Dr Charles, we Adopt Children in my hospital, in-case is any one out there who need a child you can contact me with this mail:
Brooke Richard June 09, 2011
Loved looking through your family pics & reading about your experiences with adoption from China! My husband & I just sent in our application for a daughter from China & we are very excited!
John Logan August 17, 2010
I met John for the first time today, in a quite 'round about way, and we really enjoyed our meeting. After seeing this Web site for the first time tonight, I'm, well, frankly, pretty blown away by what a special family this is. May God continue to hold all of you in the palm of your hand!
susan honeychurch December 12, 2009
Love your christmas letter. It is SUCH a Blessing to have such a woderful family. God bless you in all yoou do. Didn't realize my own brother was my connection to getting a much in demand H1N1 flu vax, just kidding, wasn't sure if i was actually going to get one anyways, but most of our local nursing homes still haven't obtained the vaccine for their employees. God provides in all ways, I am not at all worried about that. Love you all!
Melanie Dale November 07, 2009
Beth, I loved catching up with you and reading about what God's doing in your family! Congrats on welcoming Jonathan into your family, and congrats on your move to NC. Blessings.
Chris Londgren September 07, 2009
Very excited to find your site. We are adopting a boy from Boutou as well. His name will be Gabriel. We have already adopted a girl from Chongqing, her name is Madeleine. Please visit our site at and visit our journal. We got our PA August 18 and are waiting for LOA! Hope to travel soon, but do not really know. Can not find any pictures of the Baotou Social Welfare Institute. When we adopted Maddy, there were many pictures of her orphange in Chongqing. Thanks, this was fun!
Lola Ridgley-Wagar June 03, 2009
Hello - just ran across your China travel pages as I was doing some research on Shangrao. My husband and I adopted our daughter, Alice, from China. In fact she was from the same orphanage as your Sophie. Her Chinese name is Ling, Xu Shan...similar to Sophie's name. We were at the orphanage during our trip to adopt in May of 2005. What a fantastic journey this has been. Alice is the sunshine of our life and she loves talking about China with us. She has so many questions, and we give her all the answers that we have. Anyway, just thought I would say hello and touch base...warm regards, Lola
Dana Warns Davis March 28, 2009
Hi Beth! What an amazing journey you have had. Your family is beautiful and these children are SO BLESSED to have you as their mother! God bless the Lossing family. You are an inspiration!
Evelyn Reyes January 25, 2009
I just can't believe how Mia, Sophie and Jonathan are growing. Say Hi to them. Take care and God bless you!
marge luther December 31, 2008
Hi you all, Just read your newsletter and looked at the pix of the kids. They are so darling!!! We're so happy that you all are so delighted with your new surroundings and the church. We are so thankful for the way our Lord has blessed you and marvel at all you are doing for these little ones. Although we only have one adopted child we know how instantly they become your very own the moment you take them in your arms.We praise and thank God for the great love He has put in your hearts for these children. We know He has given you tremendous strength to deal with all the medical issues. We think of you often and will keep you all in our prayers. Love in Christ, Marge and Ron