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Linda September 03, 2007
Praying for Jonathan's surgery tomorrow. May God guide the surgeon's hands and provide Jonathan a full and quick recovery. We are fellow adoptive parents of a child from China, too. God Bless your family and provide peace and comfort.
Shugie and Charles Leder September 02, 2007
Thanks so much for the adorable card of Jonathan, what a cutie. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you during the surgery. Give our love to you and your family
John and Ruth Betsworth August 31, 2007
The Great Physician is handling little Jonathan's case personally and we're consulting with Him regularly. Hebrews 13:5 "I will never leave you nor forsake you" Love, Uncle John and Aunt Ruth
Connor rice August 26, 2007
while watching baseball, my dad showed this website to me.i had no idea that you guys were adopting your third child! it is amazing to see yhe three loving children youve been blessed with. i saw the pics from jonathans trip. its crazy to go back to see those faces. yall are soooo blessed! hi to jonahan and sophie! hope we meet again1 ~connor~
steve rice August 25, 2007
hey everyone, was just catching up on your site. wow!! jonathan looks so happy. i sure do miss him.sophie too. tell her that connor say's hi.isaac is doing great , he will be getting a arm in about 8 weeks. we will see how that goes.hope everyone is doing great. take care.
paula g August 18, 2007
thanks for sharing your story. we belong to the Yahoo group and just read about jonathan's endearing story. he is such a special boy. God placed him in the perfect family! blessings!
Merrie and Warren Davis July 21, 2007
It's so great to read your updates and see how God is answering prayers! We were in the same travel group this May, picking up Miah in Jiangxi. May God continue to bless your wonderful family.
Heather and Kai June 17, 2007
I love the Disney pictures. It looks like you had a great time. I can't wait to share my pics from skydiving!! See you soon I hope. Love, The Johns
Kelly Senser June 10, 2007
Hello, Lossing Family! I shed a lot of happy tears while reviewing your web updates (welcome home, Jonathan!). I'm so very happy for everyone. Much love, Kelly Senser
Kristy Rumbaugh June 05, 2007
Lossing Family - you are now 5! Hooray! We have been so excited for you and have been praying for this time to come. Beth, it was so fun to see you picking out clothes for Jonathan this winter in anticipation of his arrival. Now he is here and we can all meet him and get to love your lovable little guy like so many others have loved him until now. I can truly see the joy in your faces and am so thankful to see how God has knit your family together perfectly. Much love to you all!