Brantley Barinowski 2007-07-24 09:19:39.0
Hi everybody! It looks like your 're having a great time in China. Baby Jaida looks so cute! I can't wait to meet her ! I have been praying for you guys. Can't wait to see you.
Rhonda Barinowski 2007-07-24 09:07:00.0
Amy, Will, Julia, Sam, and Jaida - What a wonderful story of God's goodness and faithfulness! Your family is beautiful! I have been praying for you and wondering how things were going while we were out-of-town. What an answer to years of prayers to see your complete family! WOW! We can't wait to meet her! I look forward to many years of being a spectator with her as she watches her big sister! Love you all!
The Greenspan 2007-07-24 07:11:46.0
Wow! You're really in China. It's amazing. Jaida is adorable.I'm sure everyone is adjusting to traveling and having a new family member. what an adventure!. Be safe and we'll see you soon. Haley misses Julia, of course. Hi Nana and Poppy.
Julia Joiner 2007-07-24 06:23:43.0
Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. It is a joy to share this journey with ya'll! How precious to see your family together! Prayers are answered when I see smiles all around . I look forward to meeting the newest Hatcher and seeing the entire family home safely in Augusta. You all remain in my prayers. Love and Hugs and Kisses to Julia and Sam and Mom and Dad!
Renee 2007-07-24 06:23:33.0
A fellow GWCA NOV (11/21) family here and we are enjoying your updates and pictures so much! Jaida is so cute. What a blessing! My 3 boys love all the pictures!
Leslee 2007-07-24 05:59:34.0
It is amazing to see the transformation in the photos each day - you can really see that Jaida is happier and happier each day! So wonderful to see the beautiful blessing that she is! Love Leelee PS - The chicken wings photo cracked Judd up!
Marisa Swierski 2007-07-24 05:37:37.0
The pictures are adorable! Erica ask me to check the computer every 30 minutes. When we were at the beach yesterday Eric was talking to a fellow Georgia Bulldog and his wife walked up with there 20 month old little girl they just got from China in March! I asked her if her daughter had a flat head and she said "boy did she"!!! Travel safe and enjoy China. We are continuing to pray. Love, Marisa
Caroline Gibbs 2007-07-24 05:26:18.0
I can't wait to see you at the soccer field with Jaida in the stroller! She is soooooo cute! Tell Sam and Julia "hello" for me.
aunt karen 2007-07-24 05:09:03.0
What a precious gift from God! What a beautiful unselfish gift you have given that precious angel. I agree with leslee she looks like will!! have a safe journey.
Chris Johnson 2007-07-24 03:59:58.0
we can't wait to meet Jaida! It will be so nice for she and Zephania to have each other as friends in the nursery, they are only one month apart in age, both darling little asian angels! Your family is in our prayers as you adjust to the changes., love, Gary and chris