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Kristi Hurt December 14, 2005
Just found out about the website. Know that you have been in my prayers and will continue as you travel and transition at home. We love you all and look forward to meeting Sophie in person.
Michele Allen December 14, 2005
I've been praying for Beth's health. So sorry to hear you're still ill. We hope to see you at the airport. Much love, Michele
Great Grandad & Ruth December 14, 2005
Mia and Grammy December 14, 2005
Sweet sweet Sophie! We are so excited to see you on Friday and give you a big hug! Friday is finally almost here and we can't wait to give all of you big big hugs and kisses. We have missed you very much and really need you back at home. Counting the moments until Friday! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO We love you, you, you!!!!!
Tony & Jo Gooden December 13, 2005
She is beautiful!!!!!! God is Good! We are so happy for you guys. Beth, you will be in our prayers that your stomach starts mending before that long flight home. What a Christmas present , sharing your trip has been for us. Thank you so much! May God bless you, guide you, keep you and protect you until your back home! Lots of love, Jo
The Fisher Family December 13, 2005
Our God is so awesome! Tears are rolling down my face as I read your words that two Chinese doctors can not detect any heart murmor in little Miss Sophie! It is amazing that when you ask - you can receive. Beth - I am so sorry to hear that you are still under the weather! Hang in there and just guzzle the Cokes on the plane ride home. We love you all and so look forward to the blessed event this friday. Thank you for letting us all share in the joy, the tears, and the memories that will take place. We will be praying specifically for your health and John's, the plane trip home, and of course the whole Lossing Family coming together as one.
Michelle Peoples December 13, 2005
Congratulations! It must be wonderful to have your second daughter just in time for Christmas. What a blessing. My prayers are with you and your family as you make your journey back.
Marya December 12, 2005
GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST! He is amazing. We pray that you continue to heal and feel better SOON! As everyone has said, we miss you mOOOOOOcho and can't wait to see you -- the end of this week. WaHoo! Love you, love you, love you. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!
Susan Gladwin December 12, 2005
John and Beth, You are so precious to be so diligent in sharing. As I read what you have written, I almost feel as if I am there. I have gone through your postings and written your prayer requests down. The praises are amazing, especially Sophie's heart! We can't wait to have you home and a family, and I am putting Sophie and Mia's time together at the forefront of my prayers now. I also pray that you will recove and that John and Sophie will not get what you have had, Beth. Your pictures bring tears to my eyes, and I thank God for both of you! In His Love, Susan
The Hernandez Fam December 12, 2005
Praise Him for Sophie's heart!!! He is able to take care of "special needs." :) Get well soon and can't wait to see you Friday!! Love you tons!