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Carol and Family May 08, 2007
Woohoo!! We are SO excited to see Jonathan! We have loved looking at the pix. We are hoping Sophie is proving to be a valuable companion for him. :) As I looked at him today in his little blue shirt, I thought of you both picking it out in anticipation of a son! And now he's here! We are praying for his easy transition. We love you all!!
Anne, Phil and Li Min May 08, 2007
What an adorable little guy! Phil and I can't wait to meet Jonathan, and Li Min is excited to have his best buddy so close by. One day soon, we'll all get together! Much love.
The Mabrey Clan May 07, 2007
Hello there, my sweet family! Your pictures have brought me to tears!!! I can't wait to meet my new nephew! Get him home soon, John, Sophie and Grandad! He must have gotten the singing and dancing talent from my part of the family. I fully plan on the two of us getting our groove on at the WDW line dancing -- if his mother will let me cut in. ;-) We love you all so much! Our heart goes out to you in this unusual Gotcha. We can't wait for everyone to be together finally. Give everyone hugs and kisses from their Kentucky cousins. Love you all!! XOXOXO Tricia and the clan
Allison Jordan May 07, 2007
Beth and John, I am so happy for you. We were on the plane with John and Sophie but we are in the other group from Guangdong. Our gotch day is tomorrow! Jonathon looks great and I am so happy he is finally with his family! Can't wait to see pictures of Jonathon united with his mommy! Love from China, Allison
Diana & Jeff May 07, 2007
Dear Beth & John & Grandpa, We had the pleasure of meeting you in Beijing with TG #124! We are so happy to see that you made it safely yesterday, and that you have Jonathan! Congratulations! The picture with Grandpa is pricelesss! We will be praying for you as each day passes that Jonathon will begin to trust and know how much you love him already! We look forward to reconnecting in GZ next week. Blessings from Nanchang! Diana & Jeff (Who meet Ruby Mei in about 5 hours!)
Pamela North May 07, 2007
Congratulations!!! Jonathan is adorable:) Can't wait for the second Gotcha Day to see him united with his forever mommy and Mia. Praying for Mia's full recovery. Thanks for sharing your journey. Pamela (soon to be Josiah's mommy)
Heather and Kai May 07, 2007
He is so cute! Congratulations! We are so excited to meet him, hurry back now that you have him. Heather and Kai
Tom and Janet May 07, 2007
Hi there! Sorry to hear about Mia. Enjoying your web pages. Hope all goes well with Mia and your travels to get Johnathan. Off to work. Love ya, Tom
Brad Hill May 06, 2007
Hi John, Beth and girls... thanks for keeping the updates flowing. We are definitely praying for a smooth trip. Especially excited to hear how things go on "gotcha" day. Jonathan doesn't know how lucky he is yet--fortunately the language of love is universal!
Lala Mahaney May 06, 2007
Dear Sweat Mia, This is Lala, your friend from Los Angeles. We met a while ago and you probably don't remember me, but I will try to send a picture soon. You look so beautiful washing your car! Great job! I need to wash my car today. I sure do wish you were here to help me. I have been praying for you to feel better. Your great big smile is just a blessing for all of us who are praying for you. Know that you are special to me. Love, Lala