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Seth and Melissa Sullivan December 05, 2005
We are praying for you guys! We can't wait to see you and meet Sophie! Love you!
Lala Mahaney December 04, 2005
First - - love the website! How great it is to see your journey, share your joy and be in prayer for the Lossing family. Second, I need translation when you use those big chineese words. Third, tell Sophie that Lala loves her. . . Love, Lala
Susan Honeychurch December 04, 2005
This site is great! I was just talking to Mom on the cell phone and reading your latest entry to her. We are praying for you, especially that Sophie will be openly ready to meet her new parents as God works. God bless you. Love you.
Tricia (and the rest of the Mabrey crew) December 04, 2005
I AM DYING TO TALK TO YOU ALL!!!! I know you will be busy and crazy -- but if you are looking for someone to share the story with -- call me in the morning. I get up for work around 5:30 anyway! I can't wait to meet my niece! We love you all so much! Give her hugs and kisses from her cousins.
Brad - hungry in VA December 04, 2005
We're all dying to know.... how was the buffet at the Radisson Beijing??!?
Marya December 04, 2005
You're there! You're there!!! How exciting. Thanks for having this web-site. We'll be able to enjoy your trip with you. Can't WAIT to hear about Gotcha Day. Much love and prayers your way. Love ya, bye.
The Hernandez Family December 04, 2005
God's BEST for you as you embrace His perfectly, chosen girl as yours! He is good...and His love endures forever!!
Heather Ross December 03, 2005
Hi Uncle John and Aunt Beth. May your journey be filled with peace, safety, and patience, and above all else God's never ending love.
Joe, Cindy, Tim, Jesslyn & Kailee Fromme December 03, 2005
Please know ALL of you are in our prayers. What a wonderful Christmas blessing for you. We are looking forward to hearing about your trip as you are united with Sophie and begin the next phase of this exciting journey called life. God Bless!
Kirsten, Marty and Ian Heffron December 03, 2005
We are so very excited for you. May God bless your travels and YOU for giving these precious children such a wonderful life. You are in our thoughts and prayers!