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Jamie and Elijah December 09, 2005
Hi Beautiful Lossing family. We've been reading your site everyday, and marvel at the technology that gives us the ability to watch your family grow before our very eyes! We love you, are praying for you guys, Sophie and Mia, and look forward to hearing even more stories of God's faithfulness and all the answers to prayer. Lots of love.
Mickie Stalcup December 09, 2005
Blessings on the Lossing Family! I know this has been a more difficult trip for you, but as you know God has already prepared the way and He is there with you even if we aren't! You are all in our prayers and I know that God has a plan for Sophie and for Mia and what a blessing it is for you to be included in those plans! He picked the perfect parents for His two special girls, now you just have to learn to let God do God's work. I have learned He does alot better job when I don't "help" Him with my plans! My prayers are with you all and I look forward to meeting Sophie soon.
Marcia chapin December 09, 2005
Hi Guys, So glad to have this and see the photos. Wonderfel idea. Hope all is well. We are praying for you. john and marcia
Marya - for ALL the Aratas December 09, 2005
When we got Grace she had bronchitis. I couldn't get the antibiotics into her as she was feeling so bad she wasn't eating or drinking. One day she completely stopped eating -- period. We were so worried. We stopped trying to give her formula and gave her a banana. LOVE AT FIRST BITE! And in Hefei we attracted so much attention from the old ladies and "clothes police" as we were warned about that it was hysterical. We instantly had bunches of grandmas! And Grace was developmentally behind everything and everyone because she had been in the orphanage for 11 months. And you know and see Grace now. GOD is so in this entire process -- He breathes miracles into these little girls. That they survive long enough for us to get there and adopt them is a miracle!!!! Maybe the docs at the Consulate will have the proper meds for Sophie's ears and cough, etc. GOD is with you. GOD loves you. GOD is protecting you. Can't wait to see you all! Love you very much!
Aunt Patsy December 09, 2005
Oh forgot to tell you WE love you dearly andare so excited to have a new member of the family!!
Aunt Patsy December 09, 2005
Just want you to know Mia and grammie are doing fine. She is such a sweetie and she is happy with Grammie to meet her every need. Sophie is wonderful and we can't wait for you to get home.
Jessel December 08, 2005
Hang in there Beth and John. Thanks for the posting beth. It is 1:30am and I am finally checking out email and the website. We will really be praying for you sister through the emotional roller coaster. Sophie looks so sweet and beautiful!! Funny, Sophie already looks like a "Lossing"!!! The Lord is faithful and He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:5 i think? He will always be Faithful to you and your family. Love in Christ, Jessel
Alana Newton December 08, 2005
Sophie, I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you with my mommy. We pray for you out loud before meals and sometimes when my mom is cleaning the kitchen or changing my diaper. I can't wait to meet you and give you a hug and a big fat kiss. I think you are beautiful. Love, Alana
alyssa baca 11 yrs December 08, 2005
when i heard about mia's disease i nearly cried!! sophia has such a sweet face if she not loveing on you yet don't worry, suzy cried every time she saw me but now her and i are best buddys. Alyssa Baca
Deanna Baca December 08, 2005
I wish I was with you on this trip too! Mia and Sophie are both beautiful girls. How blessed you are! I pray someday we will be going back for #4 (Maybe then we can go together. Mia is in our prayers!!!!!! Love, Dee