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Cindy Fromme May 06, 2007
Hi John,Beth,Sophie, Mia,and Grandparents!!!- We are so happy that soon Jonathan will have his forever family. Know that we will be praying for health, safety,Joy ,peace and the strength of the Lord as you experience this journey. (Is.40:31) We were pleasantly surprised to see the Tauntons were in China too!! Please say hi to them for us and let them know we will be in prayer for them as well as your whole travel group. p.s. Have fun shopping along the way. God Bless you all! love, Cindy, Joe,Tim,Jesslyn, and Kailee
Carol and Jenna May 05, 2007
Hey Lossings!!! First, John, YOU are the BEST Dad flying (without your wonderful wife!) across the world picking up the son the Lord has picked out for you and Beth!!! :) We are praying for you and Sophie and Grandpa Bill daily!! We can't wait to meet Jonathan!! And Beth, praying for you "girls" on the homefront!! God is SO good to you and Mia!! Jenna says: "I saw Na-na in the pictures!! Hope you are doing fine and that Mia is bringing you joy. Jonathan is only days away." WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! :)
Marya Arata May 05, 2007
Dearest John and Sophie: We are missing you like crazy! When I go someplace or do something I'll look at the clock and think, "It's xxx time in China. Wonder what they're doing...." Dearest Beth and Mia: We continue to pray for you both as you are the "ladies in waiting" (hysterical, Beth!!!!) and as you, Mia, continue to heal. We pray for complete healing and peace for the whole family. I wish we were all doing the China trip together (with the Tauntons) again -- except I don't ever want to have to fly that long in an airplane again! We all love you and think about you and pray for all of you daily. Our God is an awesome and loving God whose ways can sometimes be mysterious. Us mere humans will have to wait to see His will for us revealed. Love ya!
Sandy Flynn May 04, 2007
Hi Lossing Family - Our prayers are with you during these next few weeks. Mia - we pray God will make you healthy and strong as you prepare to welcome your big brother home ! Beth - your mother's heart beats so strong - cling to our Heavenly Father - He will see you through ! Can't wait to see that first family picture and rejoice with you ! Love, The Flynns
Marcia Chapin April 20, 2007
I looked throuogh the Valentines photos of the girls. What precious photos. This is a beautifully and throughtfully done website, guys. Hope we'll see you at some point in VA. You know about our house? right. love to you all Marcia/John
The Terrell Family March 26, 2007
Hi Lossings! Everything is beautiful. Just wanted to say Hi and we look forward to meeting Jonathan real soon! You all are such a blessing. God Bless, The Terrell Family, Reston, VA
Kelly Senser January 04, 2007
So happy to have discovered this website and to see you all doing so well. Yahoo! Such a beautiful family. Hope you get to bring Jonathan home soon. My love to all the Lossings and Wolfords. --Kelly
B. Frederick January 03, 2007
It was such a joy to share such a wonderful family. You are quite creative to come up with such a great website. It makes me happy to see you enjoying your girls. love you, Your teacher
Penny Williams December 29, 2006
Enjoyed your website! Enjoy your life together and hope that you have a wonderful new year.
Mom December 29, 2006
The new pictures are awesome and the website is beautiful. We will need some lessons on how to do it soon. I especially like the floating candy canes, leaves, snowflakes on the different pages. Love you bunches. Mom