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Mom Dryer December 07, 2005
Marya, from the family December 07, 2005
(Sorry -- that was Faith playing with the computer...) WHERE did you get that hat?????? Does Sophie know she's supposed to be embarrassed!!!!! Loooks cold where you are. Have you punched Linaker yet?? Have you met others from the group yet? HAVE YOU SHOPPED YET?????? Love ya!
Marya December 07, 2005
Bubba December 06, 2005
What a beautiful neice I have. Congratulations! I love you guys!
aura, madeline ,delilah December 06, 2005
What a beautiful baby girl! Welcome to the crew, sweet Sophie!
Marya - for ALL the Aratas December 06, 2005
How adorable! I thought of you all last night and Sophie seems like she has the potential towards being a mischevious little imp -- she's got that kind of look in her adorable eyes. WHAT FUN> OK, now -- when do we shop????? Love you and wish we were there with you. How unorganized and frustrating Gotcha Day must have been!!!!.
Lala Mahaney December 05, 2005
First, cute as could be - - I just want to hold her, squeeze her, and give her love. Second, thank you for explaining what cognee is. Third, I am sending a little Disney love your way. Lets get those kids Disney branded ASAP. Fourth, I am so thrilled for you both. I love that God has given you each other and has added Mia and Sophie to your family.
Elease and Dick Mabrey December 05, 2005
She is beautiful!! Congratulations on making th long trip to China. We can't wait to meet her and see her big sister again too. God bless you all and may you have a safe trip home.
Sue, Joshua and Caleb Honeychurch December 05, 2005
Sophie is sooo adorable. God bless you both! Did you notice the angel wings behind Beth as she is standing with John and holding Sophie? We are very happy for you!!
The Seagrave Family December 05, 2005
Congrats you guys ~ Sophie is adorable, and looks so happy already! You must be thrilled! We have been thinking of you so much, and are sorry we didn't get to touch base with you before you left. We can't wait to meet Sophie when you return, and will be praying for you! ps - great website!