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The Sullivans December 08, 2005
Precious, precious, precious!!! Just one look and we are in love with her! We can't wait to meet your little girl and can't wait to give you great big hugs. The Lord has done such wonderful things...Sophie gets to be loved on by you and you get to be loved on by Sophie every day! We are praying for you. Love you guys!
Lynne Lerch December 08, 2005
Dear Beth and John, "Every good and perfect gift is from above coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." Jas 1:17 Sophie is so precious, and I know she will thrive on your love and the love of her big sister Mia. I can't wait to meet her. With love & prayers.
A prayer December 08, 2005
Dear God, You are the creator and maker of all things and all people. We seek you and acknowledge your power, your love, and your authority. Please Lord-right now give John and Beth the peace and understanding of this situation with the possible medical issues with Sophie. Guide them in prayer and by your Holy Spirit please. We their brothers and sisters in you God, we stand beside them now and as they raise these girls. We continue to lift up Mia and her health and the progress that you have done already. We offer up Sophie to you, her heart, her mind, and her body. Please give Beth and John patience and peace as right now there is nothing that they can do. Give them rest, joy, and laughter during this special trip. Lord, once home in the states, I ask you to lead them to the right doctors, the right time and the right place for Sophie to be seen for the heart issues and her first US pediatric check-up. We make this our prayer in Jesus Christs name - Amen.
Anna Nicolaisen December 08, 2005
Please know we are praying for your family and little Sophie!
Brooks Harper December 08, 2005
Don't get too down about any delays -- you're all still getting to know each other. She'll get there! Remember God's plan is perfect. God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! Our family continues to keep you in our prayers. :-)
Kim, Terry and Matthew Riker December 08, 2005
Wow! It's been SO long since we've had a chance to connect and so much has happened in all of our lives! I can't wait to talk to you by phone, Beth, once you return and get settled in. We are praying for your family -- for a safe return, health and healing, and so much more! Reading your journal is a vivid reminder of the power of prayer and what a roller coaster life can be when God's in the driver's seat. Until we get a chance to talk please know that I'm thinking about you guys constantly and am so grateful to count you as friends!
Tricia December 08, 2005
I woke up thinking about you all this morning and checked your webpage. I love you. I don't blame you for feeling like you are second-guessing yourselves -- especially with the way you have had to watch Mia. But look at the miracles that have happened within the few hours you have had her. She has gone from pushing you away and crying -- to knowing that you are the ones taking care of her. Even you said this was miraculous for as quickly as she turned around. The same kind of development will happen in all her other areas too. Get her home, fatten her up, love her -- and let Mia get her hands on her! Mia will show her SO MUCH -- probably more than you will ever be able to teach her. Pretty soon Sophie will WANT to be running after her sister. That is a bigger motivator for any child than anything else I can think of. I watch R.R. and all he wants to do is keep up with Julie. If she runs out of the room, he runs out of the room. If she is jumping on the bed, he is jumping on the bed. If she is taking a bath, he wants to take a bath. It is amazing to watch. I can't wait for you all to experience it. Don't forget! It is easy to see that Sophie is an angel sent to you -- but in the big picture from the outside -- it is easy for us to see that you and John and Mia are angels sent to save her. By the way, I took Ranger to the doctor the other day and he said that fat babies are a sign of dumb-jockness, his big feet are the sign of needing big shoes, his big head is a sign that he is going to be either smart or an egghead but either way he will need a big hat. I think our doctor must have been trained in China! Here is my diagnosis for Sophie -- she is absolutely beautiful which is a sign that you will be moving to Montana with the Mabreys when she becomes a teenager. :-) We love you so much!!! Please hurry home so we can all make up on lost time and show how much love Sophie has had waiting for her!
Jennifer (Another Ling Mommy!) December 07, 2005
OH Beth, please don't worry about Sophie's development. We went through EXACTLY the same fear when we got Holly in October. I saw your Sophie and all the other little one's at the orphanage, and she is in the same boat as all of them. Holly is still behind, but is catching up SO quickly now. We were also told by medical people and guides in China that there could be something more wrong wih Holly b/c of her lack delays, but they were wrong. They are wrong about Sophie too. It is so hard not to feel angry at the orphanage, but I try not to as I have not been in there shoes. I have found out more info. about Holly's past (from Brian) that makes me so sad, but she is here now and that's all that matters. Sophie will be fine. She really will. Just love her and enjoy all her baby steps, she will be running before you know it. God gave us these precious girls because he knew that we would give them what they need. You can do this! Give that sweet girl a hug from me! Love, Jennifer PS, Holly saw Sophie's pic's on my computer today and got SO excited. She really recignized her!
Sherri Taunton December 07, 2005
Hi Guys, Sorry we kept playing telephone tag today. I couldn't understand your whole message. I did hear that you needed prayers. I figured God new your needs so I just lifted all of you up in prayer. I just got home from N.J. Its been a long couple of days. I will try to give you a call now. Sofie sure is cute!
Kelly Park December 07, 2005
Hey Beth & John & precious Sophie! She is beautiful!!! What a miracle from the Lord. This is so cool being able to be a part of this experience with you and know how to pray specifically. Thanks for taking the time to keep us all up to date. Praise the Lord that she is bonding well to you and sleeping well too! :) John's sister Ruth & her husband adopted twin boys with severe learning disabilities when they were 7. The doctors were amazed, and continue to be, at the rate of their progress physically, emotionally, socially, and academically just because they are in a loving home. Be encouraged that Sophie can progress in ways that will amaze us all because she is now in the care of you & John!! We love all 4 of you and will continue to be in prayer for this adventure! What a mighty God we serve! Love, Kelly (for the Park fam)