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Tony Gooden December 20, 2005
Thanks for sharing the pictures. Your girls are absolutely beautiful.
Heather December 20, 2005
The pictures of the girls in Christmas pj's are so adorable! What a blessing to have the whole family together for the holidays! Love, Heather
Hazel Porter December 19, 2005
Congratulations Beth on your 2 beautiful daughters - they are adorable. Your also have a happy looking husband. Thanks to Patsy for forwarding them to me.
Aunt Patsy December 18, 2005
We are dying for pictures of the whole family----I can't wait to see Mia and Sophie together. You have had such an awesome journey. We love you all very much.
Susan Honeychurch December 17, 2005
We are all blessed by your journey and encouraged by your faith! Looking forward to seeing you whenever we can and especially seeing photos of your homecoming.
Aunt Elaine December 16, 2005
My heart is so touched. I just read your entire website. Sophie is so special and God will give you the strength to raise her. What a blessing. I know you will enjoy every moment. Mia and Sophie will be best pals. Enjoy every moment! We love you all.
Mickie Stalcup December 16, 2005
I wish I could have been there to see you get off the plane. My prayers are with all of you and even though you are exhausted, I know you are equally excited. Blessings on all of you!!!
Cindy,Joe,Tim,Jesslyn,Kailee Fromme December 16, 2005
Welcome home !!!! We continue to pray for you as you settle in with Sophie. Wish we could be at that airport to greet you. Hugs to all of you and thanks for the wonderful travel journal. God Bless you all.
Tom and Janet December 15, 2005
Congratulations! Nice photos! You have another beautiful baby. We wish Sophie a happy transition to her new home and meeting sister Mia. We are anxious to meet and hug her. Hope to see you soon!
Heather December 14, 2005
It was so great to be able to talk to both of you today. I can't wait for you to get back. We miss you soooo much and can't wait to meet Sophie. My prayers are with you for a safe, healthy, uneventful journey home. Love, Heather