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Debbie Harper May 28, 2007
Hi Beth, this is Debbie Harper, Hannah's mom from Chinese class. Hannah and I have been following your family's journey for Jonathan as well as keeping track of Mia's condition. It sounds like Mia is well on the road to recovery. We have prayed every night that God would grant her good health. Jonathan is an amazing child, he is so beautiful and sounds so sweet. Beth you have such an amazing family, everyone so proud and happy. I hope we can meet again, we'll be taking Chinese lessons again in the fall, maybe we'll see each other there. God Bless
Amy Cox May 22, 2007
Hi Beth, I'm also an AWAA SN family and also belong to the Inner Mongolian yahoo group. I have tried to follow your family's journey for Jonathan and just today got to read his website. I still can't believe how the trip worked out for your family. Praise God it all came together! Is it any different going from 2 to 3? We're still adjusting going from 1 to 2! Everyone keeps asking if we're going to adopt a 3rd child and I tell them we'll let them know a year from now. Many blessings, Amy PS Your children are just beautiful!
Robyn May 21, 2007
I am part of the AWAA SN yahoo group and have followed your journey to Jonathan. What a blessing the little guy is. Thanks for sharing your journey and congratulations!
Anne, Phil and Li Min May 21, 2007
Those pictures of the family together are magical! It looks as if you have always been together. How awesome! We feel fortunate not only to have found Li Min's friend, but your entire family!
Sharon Supp May 21, 2007
Praise God! It was such a blessing to watch Beth meet her son for the first time. God is SO gracious and SO amazing! Praying for you all daily as you adjust to your new family! We love you tons!
The Clarks May 20, 2007
Welcome home Jonathan and crew!!
Uncle Tom May 17, 2007
Hi all! Really enjoyed the pictures and anxous to meet Jonathan. Great job with the web sight and keeping up with photos with all else going on. Hope to see you soon. Have a safe trip home. Love ya,
Sandy Flynn May 17, 2007
Hi Beth - Today is truly MOTHER'S DAY for you ! You are so blessed today - and I know that tonight you will be so happy to have your three precious children under one roof ! Enjoy every minute of today - we look forward to seeing all the wonderful pictures !
Claire & Drew Clark May 16, 2007
Dearest Lossings! My eyes filled with tears of happiness as I ready your recent entries. We praise God for the gift of Jonathan. He is a wonderful addition to your precious family! And seriously, you are just the most precious family ever-- a gift to all of us who love you and celebrate with you! We can't wait to meet Jonathan!
Lala May 14, 2007
Hi Lossing Family Sorry I have not written in a while. I took Nanny on a trip to Yosemite and was away from e-mail and internet for a while. The only smile bigger than Jonathons was Nanny's when I took her on a white water rafting trip. I have been catching up on the photos and journals - - love seeing God at work in your lives. Love seeing your beautiful children and love that you are given generous amounts of courage and love for your kiddos. I think that when they get a bit older Lala will have to come out and take them white water rafting! Know that you are in my prayers, my heart, my thoughts and that your joy is my delight as well. Love, Lala