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Mary Jane, Mark, Cassie & Rylee July 18, 2008
You are all so blessed! What a beautiful, loving family. We miss you so much!! Thank you for sharing. We love you :)
Christie July 18, 2008
Oh my gosh Shelley, they are so big, how crazy....time really flies, enjoy them when they are young!! You have a beautiful family, you should be proud! Love you! Christie
Ann July 18, 2008
How quickly they grow!! Gracie will be going off to school before you know it! Come on down the street for some pool time before the summer is gone!
Liza July 18, 2008
I have one word - BEAUTIFUL. And that's for all of you. You all look great in these photos, what a great idea so everyone can see the family. Congratulations Shelley and Steve on 2 beautiful children. Liza xx
Grandma Sandi July 17, 2008
All the pictures are so adorable. It's so hard to believe that Gracie is growing up so fast, let alone Josh. What a beautiful family you make. We miss you so much and can't wait until we're all together. I love you all.
Mommy and Daddy April 09, 2008
Welcome to the world Baby Joshua! From the moment we first laid eyes on you, we were amazed at the beautiful baby that God blessed us with. We cannot wait to take you home to meet your big sister, Gracie!
Mommy and Daddy November 27, 2007
We can't believe that you are already 2 years old! You are such a funny, independent little girl and bring so much happiness anywhere you go! You add such joy to our lives on a daily basis and we thank heaven for you every day! We love you! Mommy and Daddy
Jordan April 30, 2007
I love my family. xoxoxoxoxox. love you guys. qa ps gracie is so cute
Aunt Sandy & Uncle Don February 01, 2007
I really enjoyed looking at your baby pictures. We were so lucky to meet you this past December 2006. You are as cute in person as you are in pictures. You have that quiet sweetness - like your mom & dad. Love you, Aunt Sandy
Kristen December 31, 2006
You are standing up all by yourself now! What a big girl.....mommy and daddy must be so proud and happy.