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Kristen November 30, 2005
Finally she has arrived! How precious and so, so cute. It's so true, good things come in small packages. Hopefully see all of you soon.
Aunt Karen November 30, 2005
What a wonderful gift to our world! I'm so happy for all of you! Gracie and her Mommy and Daddy are all beautiful; you've made the world smile! Love you all.
Dawn and Emma November 30, 2005
Yeah!! Thanks for all the photos, Emma loved seeing the baby. It helps us feel a part of to see the brand new pics so soon. Cant wait to see you, all three. We love you great big bunches!!
Grama Sandi November 30, 2005
What a wonderful experience to have been a part of Gracie joining our world. She is a delightful and beautiful baby girl. I am planning on spoiling her rotton and earning the title of "Gracie's favorite Grandmother". She is lucky to have me in her life. Now, if only Steve and Shelley would realize that mother knows best and by that, I mean grandmother knows best and about everything....After all, I raised 4 children and they all still seem to be alive.....right?! I wonder if I'm limited to a certain amount of words because I could just go on forever rambling. Except what's that I hear?....Oh, a baby crying.....Gotta go, my milk is coming in. Toodles for now.
cheryl chaplin November 30, 2005
CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is so beautiful and precious. You look great too. I'm so happy for you guys. :-) Can't wait to meet Gracie Madison Sawyer.
Steve and Becky Washburn November 30, 2005
Congratulations! We have been praying for you, and are thrilled that Gracie has arrived! What a great looking family- of course! Enjoy, but sleep when you can.
Richard, Kim, and Maddox November 29, 2005
Gracie is so precious!! What a cutie! Enjoy every second of her. Congratulations!
Kathy and Mike and boys November 29, 2005
Yeah! I've been checking all the time to see pictures of Gracie. She is beautiful. Lucas said Congratulations. Welcome home Gracie we love you!
Chris, Julie and Chloe November 29, 2005
She is Beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!
Kelly Nichols November 29, 2005
Congratulations! Hope all is well & wonderful!