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Emilia-Happy Mommy of 5-Colorado January 10, 2006
Hi There, I found your web site by mistake. I am a mother of 5 and enjoy everyday. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your site very much and it brought a tear to my eye to see such happiness. I have booked marked your page to hopefully see baby grow up. Congratulations and best of luck!!
Diane & Gary Cavener December 20, 2005
Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. You have a beautiful little girl & the parents very happy also. Wish we could see all of you. We are very good at spoiling babies! Congratulations!!
Amanda and Duane Downing UK December 17, 2005
What a beautiful baby. Im sure you are feeling blown away for the love you have for baby Gracie. She is a truly amazing gift from God, and our love and best wishes go to you all.
Grandma Sandi December 15, 2005
Help, I'm having Gracie withdrawals and my office is getting tired of our daily morning "gather around the computer and see my granddaughter" meetings so I guess it's time to come back to Florida.
Aunt Dolores & Ralph December 04, 2005
Congratulations! Such a precious blessing you are Gracie Madison ! You are absolutely beautiful ! Just like your mommy ! Our love to your whole family ! God Bless you All !
Danille Sonnenberg December 04, 2005
Congratulations!! She is gorgeous!! Aren't they just amazing!! She looks very happy and content and so do mom and dad!! Enjoy!! She is beautiful!!!
Doris Hazzard December 04, 2005
You are so precious. You have wonderful parents. Congratulations to you both. I will definitely have to stop by and see her soon. Love, Doris
Pat Brice (Grandma Tina) December 01, 2005
You're right!! She is beautiful, and I can hardly wait for Christmas so we can see her. In the meantime, hugs and kisses to all of you. You did a great job.
Aunt Sandy and Uncle Don November 30, 2005
Gracie Madison is darling. We are glad she is here and Mom and Dad are doing fine. There is nothing like a baby. Congratulations - hugs and kisses!
deanna marple November 30, 2005
congrats to u both.. finally a baby..beautiful name for beautiful baby.. love u all . thank u for the wonderful update.. wish u all a wonderful and bright future for lil grace. love dee