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Emilia-Happy Mommy of 5-Colorado 2006-01-10 22:51:01.0
Hi There, I found your web site by mistake. I am a mother of 5 and enjoy everyday. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your site very much and it brought a tear to my eye to see such happiness. I have booked marked your page to hopefully see baby grow up. Congratulations and best of luck!!
Diane & Gary Cavener 2005-12-20 18:14:46.0
Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. You have a beautiful little girl & the parents very happy also. Wish we could see all of you. We are very good at spoiling babies! Congratulations!!
Amanda and Duane Downing UK 2005-12-17 12:42:16.0
What a beautiful baby. Im sure you are feeling blown away for the love you have for baby Gracie. She is a truly amazing gift from God, and our love and best wishes go to you all.
Grandma Sandi 2005-12-15 14:53:40.0
Help, I'm having Gracie withdrawals and my office is getting tired of our daily morning "gather around the computer and see my granddaughter" meetings so I guess it's time to come back to Florida.
Aunt Dolores & Ralph 2005-12-04 19:23:38.0
Congratulations! Such a precious blessing you are Gracie Madison ! You are absolutely beautiful ! Just like your mommy ! Our love to your whole family ! God Bless you All !
Danille Sonnenberg 2005-12-04 14:52:25.0
Congratulations!! She is gorgeous!! Aren't they just amazing!! She looks very happy and content and so do mom and dad!! Enjoy!! She is beautiful!!!
Doris Hazzard 2005-12-04 09:35:20.0
You are so precious. You have wonderful parents. Congratulations to you both. I will definitely have to stop by and see her soon. Love, Doris
Pat Brice (Grandma Tina) 2005-12-01 16:10:18.0
You're right!! She is beautiful, and I can hardly wait for Christmas so we can see her. In the meantime, hugs and kisses to all of you. You did a great job.
Aunt Sandy and Uncle Don 2005-11-30 21:23:09.0
Gracie Madison is darling. We are glad she is here and Mom and Dad are doing fine. There is nothing like a baby. Congratulations - hugs and kisses!
deanna marple 2005-11-30 20:45:53.0
congrats to u both.. finally a baby..beautiful name for beautiful baby.. love u all . thank u for the wonderful update.. wish u all a wonderful and bright future for lil grace. love dee