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Miss Lindsey Boo May 08, 2006
I love the pictures! I miss you so much, but I dont think you should sell Gracie out to Nike just yet.....Puma will make a comeback by then! Sweet Gracie girl, I am sending all my love your way! Love you all and miss you!! Love always, LindseyBoo
Dawn and Emma May 04, 2006
Thanks for the new pics. She is just the most smiley beautiful angel. It was great to see pics of all 3 of you too. We miss you, and Emma keeps remembering her plane ride to see you every time we go this site. We love you all and miss you so much.
Mommy and Daddy May 04, 2006
You are the most precious, amazing little person in the entire world. We could not imagine a more perfect little girl and we are so blessed to have you in our life. We are amazed by you each and every day. We love you more than anything in the world. Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives, little angel.
Aunt Pat May 03, 2006
I loved all the new pictures especially the one with the easter bunny.
Grandma Sandi May 03, 2006
The new pictures are adorable. It's so hard missing these stages in her life and the Easter Bunny picture is priceless. Time for the Sawyers to come out West. We miss you all.
Aunt Sandy & Uncle Don May 01, 2006
I see you gave the Easter Bunnie a run for first place in the cute department Gracie - what a dollie you are.
Aunt Pat April 03, 2006
She is a beautiful baby. We were thrilled to hear from you.
Cousin Jeff March 31, 2006
Great looking Girl !!! Nice to hear from yall !!
Kristen March 31, 2006
Sometimes she looks more like Steve and other times more like Shelley.....either way she just looks so cute and happy.
Aunt Sandy March 30, 2006
I really enjoyed the Gracie pictures. What a love. Seems your Mom and Dad are enjoying every second of you, Gracie. I think your are all really blessed to have each other.