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mariah your new nanny December 27, 2006
hey gracie i am comming to see you soon and i will take care of you because i am your only GREAT nanny and you love me... love you
Tanya, Phil and Scott Soper December 11, 2006
Oh my!! A whole One Year Old already!!! How time flies!! You are such a beautiful little girl, and how big you've got! It's clear to see you are a happy and content little lady, which is no surprise given your adoring mom and dad (see! I remembered to spell "mom" the proper way!!!) What a great family! Can't wait to see you again in the summer, and I'll bet by that time we'll be quite the little chatterbox! All our love to you, Mommy and Daddy! T, P & S xxx
Aunt Sandy & Uncle Don December 01, 2006
Gracie you are growing to be a beautiful little girl. You looked like you have a really fun birthday. I recieved the B.D. card you sent to me - thank you for the card and the picture. What a good looking family you make. We enjoyed the new pictures so much - have more fun! Love, Aunt Sandy
Michelle December 01, 2006
These are great pictures! MaLeah and I are so glad that we got to be there on your special day. We enjoyed ourselves so much. What's so wonderful is that everyday that you are here and bless us with that smile is an amazing day in it's self. We Love you Gracie!
Aunt Sandy & Uncle Don November 27, 2006
Happy Birthday Gracie! We know you will have a wonderful "Day". We Love you,
Grandma Tina November 26, 2006
I cannot believe how much Gracie has changed!!! And I can't wait to see her. I love all three of you. Grandma Tina
Aunt Kathy and the boys November 13, 2006
I love the new pics,she really is a little treasure..for all of us..we love you baby G !!
Kristen November 12, 2006
Gracie, I miss you!
Aunt Sandy November 11, 2006
I enjoyed all of the updates on Gracies web site. She is growing so fast - like they seem to do. She has the cutest expressions and is so happy - looks like she makes her Mom & Dad pretty happy too. We are looking forward to meeting her - how exciting!
Stefanie, Doug and Keira August 24, 2006
what an adorable website- a great way to showcase such a lovely and beautiful girl! We just love Gracie and are so glad to have become your friends!