Announcing the arrival of Scarlett Rosalind Korey.  We hope that you can meet Scarlett in person very soon, but until then, here are some pictures and other exciting information about our growing family.

Scarlett's arrival
Because big brother Reece was delivered via c-section, mommy's OB recommended a repeat c-section for baby sister.  It was definitely a different experience having a planned c-section rather than an emergency!  Melissa and Seth arrived at the hospital at 9:30AM on Tuesday May 25th ready to meet their baby girl.  At about 11:30 AM, Melissa was wheeled back to the OR.  As Seth was sitting in the hallway, waiting to go into the OR, Melissa's OB was walking into the OR and stopped to ask him what the baby's name was.  Seth told her Scarlett (even though it had not totally been decided!) and she was so excited because that is one of her daughter's names.  We knew it was meant to be!  Scarlett was delivered at 12:04 PM weighing 7 lb 8.8 oz.  Daddy got to cut her umbilical cord and hold her on mommy's chest while still on the operating table.

Big brother Reece came to the hospital later that afternoon to meet Scarlett.  Although he gave her a couple kisses, he was more interested in the Elmo book that Scarlett "gave" to her big brother.  Melissa and Scarlett stayed in the hospital for 3 nights and have been home and healthy ever since.  We can't wait to see the kids grow up together and hopefully become best friends!