Amazing news, amazing God! · July 03, 2008

Wyatt saw the pediatrician today, and we received amazing news.  Our pediatrician says that Wyatt never had cleft palate, or he has had an amazing repair done.  Dr. Katz thinks that Wyat's uvula may have been split and easily repaired. The amazing thing about this is that Wyatt's medical records clearly show two surgeries.  He had one to correct his lip and the other to correct his palate. It is also stated that his speech improved after the repair on the palate. 

This news is amazing to us for a couple of reasons.  One of us has specifically prayed that Wyatt would be able to sing like Steven Curtis Chapman or another musically talented artist with whom we are familiar. The biggest hindrance to this would be cleft speech.  This was also the part of accepting a cleft affected child that was most difficult for us. We anticipated ongoing speech therapy at incredible expense.  We trusted God to provide for this, but it was daunting just  the same.  We went into the special needs program with a correctable heart condition in mind.  Wyatt's referral was a surprise because we listed cleft lip and palate as a "maybe."  We knew that there would be multiple surgeries, specialized dental care, and speech therapy.  For these reasons, we considered the referral and our response to it very prayerfully and carefully.  How amazing is our God that He erases our biggest concerns?!  We did have some indication that this might be the case when we were in China.  Margaret Miracle who was in our group is a speech therapist, and she did not hear cleft sounds in Wyatt's speech. 

Wyatt will still need reconstructive surgery- probably at least two of these.  He does need specialized dental care, but it looks like the speech therapy won't be needed.

He sings all the time!  How cool is that?!

In other news he had to have FIVE shots today, so Mom took him for ice cream afterward. Wyatt seemed to indicate that five shots should entitle him to five ice creams - yeah right!  Wyatt is in the 25th percentile for his height and weight.  He really did not seem that small in comparison to the others in the church preschool, but there were some really tall kids there.

We do believe that we now have another marker to add to our memorial box.