COC arrives! · July 21, 2008

We returned from Florida on Saturday to find Wyatt's Certificate of Citizenship in the mail.  That is a fast turnaround!

We were already working on getting a Kentucky birth certificate for him which does not require the COC.  Why? you may ask.  Official birth certificates are needed throughout life for various things such as starting school or in Kentucky they are required for playing soccer (this is one of Wyatt's favorite sports according to the orphanage).  We have three copies of  Wyatt's Chinese birth certificate.  If they get lost or damaged, we are at a loss to replace them.  Therefore, it is best for him to have a place to retrieve his official birth certificate.  This is fairly easy paperwork for Kentucky - but after adoption paperwork very few things are hard.

Now that we have the COC, we can also register his adoption in the state of Kentucky. The federal government recognizes the adoption as final.  Kentucky has no law requiring us to register Wyatt's adoption here, but this is also to his advantage. If we were to move out of state - a possibility with Andy's current job, another state may not recognize the adoption.  This could be a problem if something happened to us.  Wyatt may not be elligible for benefits the other children might receive or even the same guardianship.  Registering his adoption in our state is also an easy way to prove that he is a citizen of the US.  The COC is very difficult  to replace. His Kentucky adoption registration is enough proof to get him a US passport - that is if the people taking the verification know how to do their job (See our "Frustration upon frustration" post in "The Wait" folder). This is also easy paperwork in Kentucky.  Since Kentucky puts us through so much extra work before the adoption, I guess they give us a break here.

The COC also allows us to apply for Wyatt's social security card. 

Aside from all this paperwork to be completed this week, we are having Wyatt tested for kindergarten tomorrow.  We are really hoping that goes well because we don't know how we will afford preschool for him if he does not get into kindergarten.  He also sees the plastic surgeon on Wednesday to see about the reconstructive surgery he needs and any other specialized care.  We need to take care of some insurance paperwork in anticipation of that. 

Savannah (Wyatt's teacher) is at camp this week, and Zachary starts football practice this week. We have quite a few things on our plate.  Two parent meetings tonight for different children along with a vehicle that has a flat tire needing to be addressed is making this day rather challenging, but such is life.