I've been tagged! · July 22, 2008

If you are reading the guestbook, you know that I have been tagged by Erin.  Now, I have to find six words to describe me and tag five other blogs.  This is tough.  Thanks Erin!

1.  If you know me you know that I am a Christian.  If I am living this right, this one relationship controls everything I do and say.  I ask myself often, "how do  you live a life that honors the one who died for you?'"  My answer to myself is to live life to the fullest with joy.  Why would someone die so that you could live in misery that you inflicted on yourself?

2. I am dependable.  If I say I will be somewhere to do something, it is very rare that I fail to follow through.  Mommy brain sometimes messes this area up, but I would say I have a good track record.

3.  I am non-competitive.  I rarely care who wins any sporting event, and when I play games I try to enjoy the game without concern for the outcome.

4.  I am sleepy.  I could definitely live on 10 hours of sleep a night.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  During the school year when getting to bed before 10:30 is impossible, and getting up at 5:15 a.m. is necessary, I feel like I live my whole life in a fog. 

5.  I am predictable.  You won't find me doing many surprising things.  I take the safe road most of the time.  My high school reunion is coming up, and I was asked what I have done that would surprise my classmates.  It was very tempting to say -"nothing, I am pretty predictable."  After some thought and consulting with my friends and family, my answer was this:  After growing up the oldest in a family of six children, if you had asked me in high school or even when I married how many children I would like to have, my answer would have been absolutely no more than two.  However, I am now the mom of four by choice. God does have a sense of humor.

6.  I am a mom. This is my all-consuming and most important job.  It is also the one I enjoy the most.  My kids make me laugh every day. If you are not laughing every day, you need to borrow a kid that will make you do that.

Now, I am tagging these blogs.  If you are reading, you are now faced with the difficult task I just completed.





Okay, it is only four.  Sorry Erin, but I would have tagged you, and you have been tagged.