Surgery Scheduled for September 29 · July 23, 2008

Wyatt saw the surgeon today and will have surgery on Monday, September 29.  It is a 1/2 hour outpatient surgery, and the doctor plans to clean up his lip repair and do an adjustment on his nose.  However, his nose will not be repaired until he is a teenager.

Dr. Chariker says that Wyatt does have a repaired cleft palate and that he does hear cleft sounds in Wyatt's speech.  However, he thinks Wyatt needs more English background before persuing speech therapy because some of the cleft sound he hears is also typical of a person learning to speak English with a brain already wired for Chinese.  Of course, as was expected, we were told to anticipate orthodontic work that will require a bone graft and expansion of his palate.  This will not take place until Wyatt has his permanent teeth. 

In other news, Wyatt tested for kindergarten with the principal yesterday, and that was very interesting.  We learned that he can identify his numbers, and he has been signing them to us all along.  He knows his numbers 1-10.  We are still working on colors, and while he can sing the alphabet, we don't think he knows that is what he is singing, and he cannot identify any letters.  Even so, the principal agreed that kindergarten appears to be the best fit for him this fall.  As it turns out, Julia will be in pre-K, so if we went that route, they would be in the same class.  For the teacher's sake, it is probably best to separate the two of them.  They are high maintenance together (did I really just type that?).

Ms. James (our elementary principal) does want us to get Wyatt in a cultural acclimation class, so we are on the hunt for one.  So far, we are coming up with nothing. 

The race is on

Our documents for Wyatt's Kentucky birth certificate and Kentucky adoption registration are in the envelopes, signed, notarized, and ready to go.  Now, the race is on to see which official document finds its way to us first.  If we were gamblers, our money would be on the adoption registration.  They were fast and efficient when we registered Julia's adoption.  Birth certificates take more time, and they are especially slow in the summer.  They are not out of town relaxing.  With the start of school right around the corner, parents are showing up in person to retrieve those birth certiificates when they find that they must have them to enroll in any Kentucky school.

And in other family news - Julia was due for pictures when we returned from China.  We got some great shots, and they are copyrighted, so we can't share them here.  However, you can see them on the photographer's website at  Go to session preview and type in page8863_seniors to get to the images.  Pictures is one area where we splurge - everything in moderation except pictures!