No uniforms! · July 26, 2008

After football practice and a parent's meeting this morning, we stopped to pick up some school uniforms for Wyatt (it was on the way home).  Anyway, we tried some pants on him, and he made it very clear that he did not want them.  When we reached the cash register, he indicated that all the clothes (all of them were for him) were Savannah's.  Sorry Dude, like it or not,  you can't wear your action hero clothes to school!  This was not our first experience with the uniforms.  We picked up some used uniforms on the day he tested for school, and he was clear then that he was not interested in those boring clothes.

It was a very funny experience that even had the store staff chuckling. He is now set for the school year (well, minus the belt, a sweater, and several school supplies we have yet to obtain). We also got some great deals - always a bonus when starting from scratch.  Zachary also needs new uniforms, but he was filthy from practice, so we didn't even take him into the store.  Wyatt is very excited about his Spider-man backpack, so maybe that will be incentive enough to wear the uniforms.