Urgent prayer request · August 23, 2008

Yesterday was a rough day on many fronts.  Two of our children saw the doctor yesterday for what we thought was a minor thing.  However, they are very sick.  For one of them, the illness was caught early, and we expect a good response to the medicine.  Both of them have to be seen again today, and we were told that there is a 50-50 chance that one of our children will be hospitalized.  The response to the medicine in this child is certainly less dramatic than the other.  I can't write much more because we have to get ready for our appointment.  Praise God for the grandparents who are coming to help with the other two.  Andy is in a meeting all day today.  Of course if to the hospital we must go, he will be home in a flash.  Please pray!

After doctor update:

Zachary is being admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics over the next 24-48 hours.  He will probably be in "Contact Isolation", so we can't have visitors.  Too much going on for more info now - gotta go!