one day at a time · August 24, 2008

Zachary is bored and improving slowly but surely.  He is facing surgery tonight and will not be home until tomorrow at the earliest.  Everyone else is doing fine.  We are taking precautions because we do have another sick child (same illness), and we are trying to protect ourselves and the other two.  Keep checking here for updates because we can't possibly pull together an e-mail list right now.  The direct line to Zachary's room at Kosair is 502-629-4714. 

pm update

It is 7:00p.m., and Zachary is out of surgery. The details are disgusting, but the bottom line is that he has lots of soft tissue infection.  They have put in a drain and because the infection is not really improving, they are putting him on a stronger antibiotic. 

Our crazy prayer request:

We are well aware that this is a very dangerous illness that Zachary is facing, and of course we covet all prayers for his health and recovery.  We are seeing significant improvement in Savannah, but she is still in need of prayer as well.  Now for the crazy part;  Zachary is not likely to leave the hospital before Tuesday.  His football team pictures are scheduled for Wednesday.  In the big scheme of things, missing the pictures is hardly a big deal.  However, his name was left off of the picture in last year's yearbook, and to totally miss it this year would really hurt his feelings.  While it isn't a big deal to us, this is a big deal to a 12 year old starting lineman.  We know that he isn't likely to be in school that day, but we are praying that he can be included in the team picture, so please join us in praying for that.