getting to the new normal · August 28, 2008

Tamara will return to work tomorrow, and Zachary will return to school. Despite repeated requests, we were unable to get his make up work, so it looks like he will be working hard over the holiday weekend.  We had really looked forward to some pool time, but Zachary cannot swim. We may still take the others for a little while. 

Zachary saw the pediatrician today, and everything looks good (of course that is a relative term as his leg is still pretty disgusting).  He sees the surgeon on Tuesday, and that will mean more time away from school, but it was the best we could do.  Tamara may have to miss work again that day to get him there. 

Honestly, Tamara prays almost every time she has to change the dressing. People outside the medical field really shouldn't have to see this stuff. 

The meeting about Wyatt went well.  The language barrier is really hurting him in school, so we are going to try a combination pre-school/kindergarten hybrid for him.  We think that will start next week.  We do believe that he is pretending to understand less than he does, but we know that he is not crazy about school.  His appointment with the ESL department in the public school system is still set for next week.  We will probably cancel it for now.  Too much work has been missed this week to go forward with that at this point.  Wyatt's surgery has been postponed until November 3rd.  We haven't yet confirmed that on Tamara's school schedule, but he is already off school that day and the next day, so we think it will really minimize his time away from school.  If all goes well, he should only have to miss one day.

Tamara's brother has had MRSA twice, and his doctor says it always comes in twos.  In fact, everyone we know who has faced this illness has had it more than once.  We are not living in fear of that, but we are certainly living with that awareness.  The fact that we knew about this illness may have saved the lives of our children.  We certainly do not say that to be dramatic, but Savannah would not have seen the doctor on Friday had we not known about MRSA.  We could very well have ended up with two children in the hospital, and Zachary could have lost his leg.  It spread very rapidly in both of them.  If you are hearing about this for the first time here, do the research.  It is highly contagious, and it is in the community.  The nurse at the pediatrician's office today said that they have seen a lot of it.  Zachary's first nurse in the hospital has seen a lot of it.  Zachary will be fine, but it has occured to us that so many do not know about this illness, and it is very dangerous.  Armed with information, you can protect your family if you ever face this illness.