Surgery Update · October 30, 2008

Wyatt had surgery this morning.  He was initially upset when the nurses took his blood pressure and began prepping him.  They gave him the 'happy juice' which he promptly spat out all over his gown.  A new tactic was required, and he then had a nose spray which really upset him.  However, shortly therafter, I had a drunk and active five year old boy on my hands, and all was well when they wisked him off to surgery.

Our friend Ellen who is the Director of Children's Minsitry at our church arrived at the surgical center to pray for us and deliver some very yummy brownies.  Because Wyatt was so agitated at the time, she left without praying there, but we know her prayers were heard.

Coming down from the anesthesia was really rough.  A combative Wyatt would not stop trying to rub his face - a no, no, and he was very upset.  It was the worst tantrum type behavior ever observed in him.  Of course, this was temporary.  Upon arrival at home after extra sleeping and pain medicine (the sleeping medicine did not work), Wyatt was content with unlimited popsicles and TV.  By this afternoon he was eating mac and cheese and gummy snacks as if the world will run out of them by tomorrow.  Keeping him still - quite the impossible.  This completely altered the plan for the day.  Expecting the surgery to be no big deal, Andy went to work as usual.  He has no time left to take off because of the trip to China.  When Wyatt was initially so difficult, we axed the plan for me to get the kids from school.  Andy left work early to get the prescription filled and take care of Wyatt's craving for gummy snacks.  He then got the girls from school while I worked on keeping our active boy from being active.

The doctor says he will look great when he recovers.  All stitches will disolve, so the follow up should be pretty gentle.  Keep praying that he will keep his hands off of his face - very difficult to do.  Can you imagine not being able to scratch an itchy nose? poor little guy

In other Wyatt news, we have faced a difficult school decision this week. Kindergarten is not going well.  Temporarily, Wyatt will be attending preschool while we await the results of ESL testing with the public schools. If the public school system thinks he needs ESL services, we will likely move him to the public school system to finish the year in a kindergarten class.  Unfortunately, if we do this, we will likely still have to pay his tuition for the full year at our current school.  We may appeal this as Zachary's hospital stay has required some creative financing, and we do not know what today's surgery will do to the budget.  What we do know is that God always provides, and He didn't bring Wyatt here without a plan for Wyatt to live out his God given purpose in life.  We are also exploring homeschool curriculums that address Wyatt's biggest weaknesses - phonics and handwriting.  This would be something we would use to supplement his schooling.

Our stressful fall:

Andy has traveled for work more than ever this fall.  He was supposed to be out of town this week and had to postpone the trip.  At this point he still has to make two trips before Thanksgiving, and then the traveling will be over.  His next trip is to Hawaii - feel free to join me in questioning the "work" part of this trip. After the power outage, Zachary's illness, and constant concern over Wyatt's education and adjustment, we are near the breaking point (okay -I am at the breaking point). Fortunately, a nice, long weekend is on the horizon.  Hopefully, the election will go smoothly, and we will be happy with our elected officials.