follow up with surgeon today - not the very best of news · November 12, 2008

Wyatt saw the surgeon today, and his lip repair is not all the surgeon anticipated.  He believes that Wyatt lost a stitch or two and the result is not as clean as hoped.  Therefore, we are going through surgery again sometime in the late spring.  UGH!  Andy took him to the appointment and neglected to mention that Wyatt was a pinball the day of surgery.  We will have to be sure and remember to tell the surgeon that Wyatt on Loritab = major loss of hair and exhaustion for the parents.

The surgeon did say that babies heal well from this type of surgery because they lay around and get better.  Five year old boys are likely to lose stitches because you just can't keep them down.  If you revisit our post surgery post, you might agree that this is quite the understatement.

We have been through surgery with a child this age before.  Zachary had his tonsils and adenoids removed just before his fifth birthday, and he wanted potato chips two days after surgery.  Can you even imagine?!  When he was eight, he had surgery to remove a splinter from the bottom of his foot - yep, full blown surgery, stitches and all.  Right before the stitches were to be removed, and while he was just beyond using crutches, I might add, Zachary jumped from the bottom stair of a bus onto the ground.  Did you catch that he still had stitches in the bottom of his foot?  Boys will be boys.  sigh

We did revisit the public schools today and registered Wyatt.  He will be placed in a local school through the ESL department.  We are not sure how long this will take, but we are anticipating that it will be a week. 

Wyatt has begged for weeks to go to AWANA with Julia. We have resisted his pleas for several reasons, but tonight he was delighted to join her.  He is there now, so we will see how it went.