a few quick updates · January 08, 2009

Dad's cardiac cath is scheduled for tomorrow.  If he needs the angio or bypass surgery, it is possible that he will be transported to the hospital directly from this procedure.

We are discussing school for Wyatt next year and have really mixed feelings.  We are very pleased with his current placement and don't want to transition him again.  However, we are committed to Christ-centered education for our children, and this is not what Wyatt is getting at this time.  Therefore, we don't know for sure what we will do, but it is time to work through the application process if we plan to move him. 

2 stints 2009-01-13 13:52:54.0

Dad had to have two stints today because there was more blockage then expected.  The doctors believe there is a lot of past damage and that he probably had a silent heart attack. His surgery went very well, and by early afternoon, he was awake, bored out of his mind, and annoying the nurses.

This is the second time that an unrelated medical issue has saved his life.  A few years ago, a bad case of poison ivy led the doctors to discover blood clots in his lungs and legs.  This time the work up for his knee surgery led the doctors to find this blockage which was in the main artery supplying blood to the left side of his heart - a heart attack would have been inevitable and fatal without the surgery.  God is amazing!

repairing those parts 2009-01-12 07:11:48.0
Dad will have a stint put in tomorrow and will stay the night in the hospital. 
Bitty Basketball 2009-01-10 12:50:48.0

Wyatt started basketball today, and it was a hoot!  Andy is coaching, and he taught the boys how to move defensively to guard a player.  I think Wyatt thinks that they can only move like that because that is how he moved throughout the game other than when he had the ball. 

When he did get the ball, he held it tight to his chest and ran for the goal (the wrong goal, I might add, but the coaches got him straightened out).  It was hilarious, and he was having a great time. 

I couldn't stay for the whole game, but apparently, at some point the ball hit him in the stomach and while he didn't complain or cry, he would not return to the game after the next time he sat out.  Andy worked with him at home after the game, and Wyatt seems willing to return next week.

cardiac cath rescheduled for Monday 2009-01-09 10:19:38.0
The cardiac cath did not take place today because my dad's clotting time was too high.  They will try again on Monday.
funny little Wyattisms 2009-01-08 18:28:43.0

I got an e-mail from Wyatt's teacher this week.  He named everyone in our family and then said, and "grandma's name is grandma, and grandpa's name is grandpa."

If you haven't had Graeter's ice cream, then you must not pass up any opportunity you might have to enjoy some.  Our local Graeter's stores offer free ice cream cones to students who have "A's" on their report cards, so it has become a family tradition to celebrate academic success this way. Zach and Savvy received their report cards this week, so we went to Graeter's today.  Wyatt was thoroughly enjoying his banana ice cream cone and licking his lips to get any ice cream that did not make it to his mouth.  He looked at me and said, "I don't need a napkin.  I have my tongue."  Of course, we all cracked up, and he responded with his cute little shrug and grin. Have I ever mentioned how much he likes ice cream?

By the way - Somebody got all A's.  Can you guess who?  I will give you a hint. It was our resident red-head.