"God is in my heart" and sugery update here · March 08, 2009

Not too long ago, I was reading a Shoaey and Dot book to Wyatt and Julia. It was the one about thunderstorms, and it encourages children to understand that God is everywhere, and He can see in the dark even if they cannot.  This led to a discussion with Wyatt about how God is everywhere.  I told him that God wants to live in his heart and that He has to be invited.  This led to a funny question because Wyatt did not realize that we have hearts.  He asked if God lived in our valentines.  I showed Wyatt where his heart is located in his chest and told him that God wants to live there.

I was out of town this weekend for a wrestling tournament, and Andy gave me this story.  Wyatt reluctantly went to church on Saturday night (Andy was working in the nursery), but he came out of church saying that he wanted to take his Bible when he returned on Sunday morning.  When Andy prayed for Wyatt at bedtime, Wyatt patted his own chest and said, "God in my heart, but I can't hear him."

Now that is something to smile about.!

surgery follow up 2009-04-01 14:19:39.0

Wyatt saw the surgeon today for his follow up, and this time the surgeon was pleased with the result.  However, his scar does require some treatment at home because his lip is starting to pull tight which will affect his apearance. 

Now the next order of business is to investigate Wyatt's speech.  We think it is pretty clear, and most others seem to agree.  However, when the surgeon had him count from 60 to 70, you could really hear some nasal sound in his speech.  On the other hand, Wyatt is pretty congested today, so it was hard to tell how bad it really is.  Therefore, we have to return in the summer.  Unfortunately, the surgeon confirmed what we already learned from our friend Margaret.  Correcting cleft speech is done surgically, not with therapy.

I realize that it is hard to tell in pictures just how bad his lip was and likewise just how good it looks now. I will give you a tip if you haven't figured this one out already.  Any of the pictures posted on this site can be blown up just by clicking on them.  On my regular pages where the images are a fairly normal size, you can blow the picture up by clicking on it, and then click the lower right hand corner to make it even bigger.  The picture of Wyatt in front of the comic heroes display is probably the best one for looking at his lip as it looks now.  If you can't see it well on this site, then go to the blog where you only have to click once to get a bigger image (lifewiththepages.blogspot.com)  You will find this picture first on the "Children's Museum" entry on the blog.

a caring class of friends 2009-03-22 14:15:32.0

On Friday afternoon, Wyatt's teacher stopped by with a few of his classmates.  They were dropping off a big bag of cards the class prepared for him.  Unfortunately, they arrived right after I left to take Wyatt and Julia to the grandparents.  We had tickets to see the Easter Passion at our church.

Wyatt did not see his cards until yesterday, and he loved them.  Wyatt and Julia went through the cards together, and she pointed out that some of his classmates are "good drawers."  His teacher's card said that "it is just not the same without him."  I can only imagine!!

Wyatt's lip still looks great.  We have been trying to keep him from running, jumping, and climbing. We kept him home from church today because there is a basketball goal in his classroom, but he will return to school and full activity tomorrow.

surgery update 2009-03-19 13:07:18.0

Wyatt had his surgery this morning, and it went much better than the last time.  We are so thankful that Granny came in for a visit and to help because Julia could not go to school today.  She has been running a fever since Tuesday night.  We suspected strep or the flu, so she did not see the doctor until today (our pediatrician has us wait at least a day after symptoms start before seeing possible strep cases).  Julia has already developed Scarlett Fever, and taking her with us for the surgery would not have been good for her or anyone else.  Now I will recount the day we have had.

Wyatt was okay with going to surgery this morning. He was in a good mood, but as soon as he got settled onto the gurney and dressed in his gown, the crocodile tears started flowing.  He was so scared.  The nurse gave him the "happy" juice, and his sobbing soon stopped.  We then had a happy drunk on our hands, and he was hilarious.  He kept laughing and asking Andy how he got four eyes and two mouths that were "stuck together."  We actually had a good time prior to surgery with all the silliness.  I did even ask the doctor about a volume button, and Wyatt liked the idea.  At that point, he was okay with anything.

He did great for the surgery, and he was combative coming off of the anesthesia, but the nurse put him in my lap. With Andy's help, I was able to control his jerks, and the nurse gave him something to make him sleep until the anthesia wore off.  The last time he had surgery, he was given something to help him sleep, but it didn't work.  This time, it did.  He slept fairly peacefully and was no longer disoriented when he finally awoke.  Wyatt continued to stay calm until we got home.  He started going south and got mad at Andy over a DVD, so he decided that he would hide between the couch and the wall for two weeks.  Andy left him alone.  Wyatt fell asleep on the couch, and now he is watching Scooby Doo.  So far, no sliding across the kitchen floor.

I grabbed a quick lunch when we got home, took Julia to the doctor's office, dropped her off at home, went to get her prescription, and then picked Savannah up from school.  Whew!! It has been a loooong and busy day.

Wyatt's lip looks amazing right now, if you can visualize it without the stitches.  However, it will be several weeks before we will know if this surgery has the anticipated result. Savannah seems to be trying to come down with something.  She hasn't run a fever but has felt miserable off and on all week.  So, please keep praying for Wyatt's surgery results, Julia's speedy recovery and for wisdom regarding Savannah.

Thanks for sticking with us.

portraits! 2009-03-12 12:59:16.0

We finally took Wyatt to have formal portraits made - a family tradition for each birthday.  We did this a few weeks ago, so we are definitely behind.  Wyatt loved the attention and was quite the ham.  The photographer commented that Wyatt was very aware of where the camera was. 

One thing that Wyatt has pointed out several times is that all the kids have a portrait hanging in the dining room except for him.  He is very aware of his missing presence in our family pictures.  The portraits in the dining room depict each of our children when they were a year old "reading" a book.  Wyatt wanted one of those, and frankly, so did I.  We now have his "book" picture - well, we have to order it.

The pictures are copyrighted, so I cannot post them here, but you can take a peek by following these steps.


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