What do I do with all these pieces? · April 08, 2009

Wyatt has all these pieces to the puzzle, and he just can't quite put them together. 

Last night, I tried to explain Easter to Wyatt.  He is so excited about getting candy and finding and decorating eggs, but I want him to understand why we celebrate Easter.  We pulled out our rather pitiful (missing pieces) Resurrection Egg set and Wyatt's AWANA book so that we could have a little devotional time. I explained that death makes people sad because they miss the person they loved and that a long time ago Jesus died. It made all of his friends very sad, and they were confused because they thought He was going to be a king, but then He died.  I then explained that three days later He rose again, and we celebrate that on Easter.  This resulted in a conversation about blood and hospitals and all kinds of stuff.  Finally Wyatt mentioned that we each have a Jesus in our hearts and asked if there was more than one and if He could get out.  This launched a conversation about Jesus being everywhere.  I don't think Wyatt gets that.  He has some pieces but can't put them together.  Wyatt is very anxious to hear Jesus talk to him, so we talked a little about how Jesus talks and how to hear Him.  I think this is confusing to Wyatt as well....but the really tough question is....."Why is there no Jesus in China?" ...another piece that Wyatt can't fit into this puzzling concept of an omnipresent God.  We have our work cut out for us.

In other news we visited the zoo last week, and Wyatt tried to talk me into bringing home a giraffe and a goat.  He actually said, "I'll take this one" about the goat.  Sorry Dude, not happening!

Handsome! 2009-04-11 10:03:11.0
A couple of nights ago, Wyatt wanted to look at our pictures from China.  He wanted to see his friends.  For the first time since we brought him home, he wants to return to China for a visit.  You might remember the friend he met on the playground who was the recipient of Wyatt's bag of M&Ms.  That was a neat story, so if you missed it, you can find it in the "China" folder in the "I'm the young foriegner" link.  Anyway, when we came to that picture, Wyatt told me that he wants that little boy to come to America to live.  Wyatt is willing to share his room.  He continued to look at pictures to the dismay of his sisters who were trying to do a devotional with the Resurrection Egg set.  I let Wyatt get away with it this time.  When Wyatt finally came to our Guangzhou pictures, he told me that our guide was "handsome" and that he will call him "Handsome."  I e-mailed Bruce to share that with him, and Bruce says he likes that name.  I didn't even know that Wyatt knew the word handsome.
Who is your hero? 2009-04-10 14:14:28.0

One of the guys in Andy's Bible study told him this story:

Wyatt was recently asked during worship who his hero is. His response: "my dad."