Galations 3:29 · July 28, 2009

If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise. Galations 3:29

Dear Wyatt,

While waiting for you, I wanted to purchase a male's ring, have it engraved with a scripture and then wear it during the wait.  I then planned to give it to you when you reached adulthood.  Finding the right scripture did not happen right away, but during a time of Bible study, I came across this scripture, a reminder to remember your heritage.  I found this to be appropriate. However, I never got the ring.  Funding an adoption leaves no room for any unnecessary expense, but I did want you to know about this scripture and why I think it works for you.

At five years old, you were old enough to remember China.  I was grateful that you would have that even as I grieved those early years we missed with you.  China is a beautiful and culturally rich country. I don't want you to ever be ashamed of where you started.  Your birth parents made a tough decision. In the end they chose life for you.  I am convinced that while we may not think of them every single day, they do think of you.  Scripture says, "can a mother forget her child?"  The anticipated answer is "no" she can not. Do not be angry with your birth mother and father.  They were caught in difficult times with a child needing more care than they can give.  Instead, I implore you to pray for them and hope they will know Christ and that you will meet them in Heaven. God can redeem what was lost.

The other reason I like this verse for you is because we brought you into a new heritage.  You are a son and heir in this family, but more importantly, we desire for you to be Abraham's seed.  Our hope is that you will know Christ and walk with Him.  Allow Him to order your days and rule in your life.  His will is always the safest place to be.  He is dangerous but good. 

I can't know the plans God has for you.  I do know that in life it is tempting to stray from God's will.  Therefore, I want you to remember your heritage.  You are our adopted son, but more importantly, you are a son of the King of Kings.   Remember your heritage.  He has great plans for you.

After living with you for a year, I know your biggest strength and your biggest weakness is that you are fiercely competitive.  I am anxious to see what God plans to do with this.  It can work to your advantage when you need motivation to improve.  It can work to your disadvantage when you use it to beat your sister at everything - including who gets his/her teeth brushed first. 

You have changed our lives.  We hope that yours is changed for the better by having a family.

Remember your heritage.  You are loved.