Early December 2011-12-13 19:07:27.0
The first few weeks of December have been crazy!  Drew's students played at the symphony the first weekend of December, and it was incredible!  Hayden and Hadley went to see the performance and they did really well sitting still and watching. 

Thursday night, the kids had their Christmas performance at school.  H&H both did great, and my class did really well for 2 year olds.  Drew had to miss as he was at a Parker concert at the church nearby, but he caught the very end of our show.  Hadley sang "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" and "Baby Born in Bethlehem".  Hayden sang "Feliz Navidad", "Melikilikimaka", "Silent Night", and "Little Drummer Boy". 

The following day was Hayden's birthday party!  Of course it rained and we were planning a backyard party, but we had it indoors, and all of the kids had a blast running around and playing.  

This past weekend, I took the kids to a neighborhood Christmas parade that was hilarious!  They had a great time running around in the yards, eating hotdogs, making crafts, and catching beads and candy from the parade people.  This week Hadley sang in Chapel with her class. They did "Baby Born in Bethlehem".   Surprisingly, Hayden was the shepherd in the impromptu Christmas skit during Chapel.  He held his teacher's cane (for her injured hip) and herded his friends around who were playing the sheep. 

Tomorrow they have their class parties at school, and Thursday is the last day of preschool before Christmas break -- YAY!!!
November 2011-12-13 18:59:56.0

In November, Hadley went to a fun party at Hip Hop Lollipop.  All of the little girls dressed up, got hair and makeup and nails done, then had tea and cake after a little parade.  They were all so cute and well behaved.  This was Hadley's first all girl party!  She loved it.  Hayden went to a party later in the month that was just for "big kids" because it was later in the evening (6PM!) and was at  The Chocolate Bar in Rice Village.  Each child got to decorate a candy bar, and Hayden put sprinkles, candy corn, and M&Ms in his candy bar.  He mostly had fun running laps around the candy store with his friends and then looking at Christmas lights on the drive home.  Our kids don't ever go out after dark, so this was big stuff! 

We had Thanksgiving at Nee's house, and H&H had a great time seeing Gegah, Nee, and Uncle Larry.  Aunt Ashley was too sick to make the drive down from OKC.  After we ate, we came home, made our gingerbread house and went out to play in the backyard.  Surprise, surprise, Hayden came in still eating a popsicle and his bottom middle tooth was barely hanging in there.  He got teeth at 3 months old, so apparently this is "normal" to lose teeth early.  He wasn't even 5  yet!!  But it came out on its own, he put it under his pillow, and the tooth fairy miraculously left him a dollar and a chocolate coin, just like in the Silverlicious book.  I didn't take him losing a tooth very well.  It was like he wasn't a baby anymore, and he was too grown up.  But I have now gotten over it, and I think he'll be losing many more teeth soon! 

The day or so after Thanksgiving, we got to see Aunt Paula, Maw Maw, and cousin James at Nee's house.  We had a great time playing, and Maw Maw told the kids a story that she told me when I was a little girl. 

Drew put up our tree on that Saturday, and he did a great job--very Christmassy!  Hayden doesn't seem to believe in the Elf on the Shelf.  He saw it come out of the box and told me it was just a decoration.  Great!!

October was busy.... 2011-11-06 12:15:31.0

October went by in a flash--there was just so much going on!  Birthday parties, pumpkin patches, parades, dress up.  The kids had a great time at Dewberrry Farm with me--we rode ponies, did rope swings, rode this tractor ride thing, took a wagon to the pumpkin patch (where they wanted me--ALONE--to carry 3 large pumpkins and walk them about 1 mile back to the car, while dragging them along with me--nuh uh), ate snowcones, and bounced on this trampoline contraption. 

Then we did Zoo Boo that Friday!  What mosquito-y fun!  Hayden was Superman and Hadley was Cinderella that day.  We did all of the "boo" activities and it was a really pretty day.   

The week of Halloween, I took them to the pumpkin patch at the church I grew up going to.  We had a lot of fun there playing with the pumpkins, and we even went inside to visit my youth ministers and another old friend who works at the Day School there. 

Then we had school Halloween parties and the parade at school, where both of my kids were "Superman".  Hadley wore Hayden's costume from last year and a big red hairbow.  I couldn't see them in the parade from where I sat with my crazy class, but another mom got photos for me so I could see them perform their Halloween songs!  My class, the 2s, are insane during the parade usually, they do not likey the parade. 

Friday our Nana came to visit all the way from North Carolina!  Hayden and Hadley were ECSTATIC to see her.  While she was visiting, Parker had their Fun Fest, with lots of bounce houses, games, prizes, and most specifically, a pie in the Principal's face, and a dunking booth (in the shade?!) where Dr. Drew spent a long half hour.  My kids gave him one joint-dunk, and they got a huge kick out of it.  Drew had dressed up as the Cat in the Hat, complete with makeup, at school that Friday as well.  Before Fun Fest, Drew, Hayden and Nana went and shopped for Hayden's birthday present from Nana.  He loved his car race-track and airplane from Nana.  Nana brought some other goodies as well, of course, and the kids had a great time playing with her.  It was a short visit but we are so happy she will be coming back with Pop soon at Christmas. 

Hayden 2011-09-26 06:12:06.0
Just had to write this down before I forget.  Last week Hayden was giving me the usual runaround about going to bed one night, and we were in the bathroom while he was going potty for the 4th time.  He smiled his imp smile at me real big and I said "Hayden you are being kind of a pill, but how did you get so cute?" and he thought and said, "Because God decorated me Mommy."  :) 
August 2011-08-23 18:13:27.0
July and August have gone by so quickly.  We finished up summer school at the end of July, and Drew went to North Carolina for John and Lynette's wedding for a long weekend.  Hayden and Hadley and I went swimming alot while he was away, and we went to the circus which was a great time.  Nee went with us, and we made it through the whole thing. 

The week after Drew got back from NC I went to St. John for Kimmies wedding!  It was so beautiful and such a blast to hang out with my girlfriends.  Drew did so well with the kids while I was away--I have certainly never been away for 3 nights in a row before!  I got home at 3AM that Monday morning and Hayden and Hadley loved their "treasures" I brought home from the "island". 

Since I had two weeks off from work in August, the kids and I have been doing fun things like swimming, Build A Bear for the first time, the Museum of Natural Science, and a few birthday parties (the Children's Museum and Gymboree). 

Last week I painted my classroom (ew), and this week am back to work before we start preschool next week.  Hayden and Hadley started back to gymnastics yesterday!  Hadley did ballet last year, but this year she picked gymnastics and she LOVES it.  The best part is that Hayden and Hadley's classes are at the same time, so I don't have to entertain anyone in the waiting room. This is huge. 

Drew's school began this week in a big way.  He has even more students this year than last year.  The first two days of school for him have been successful, so we are counting our blessings!