Nannie proofed knobs 2009-01-29 12:28:31.0
I finally put those door-knob safety things on our doorknobs--I know I should have done this long ago, but whatever.  Only now my mom can't get out of the house.  She has a bandaged right hand and can't squeeze and turn the knobs.  Hm. 
Is it Saturday yet 2009-01-29 12:15:15.0

Monday and Tuesday were kind of wild what with the painters here working on the kitchen and entryway.  Hayden was at school Monday, so that was a blessing.  It is difficult to serve lunch/dinner to two small children without a kitchen, but we did ok with that.  I let Hayden have goldfish for snack which was apparently a big mistake.  We were in the backyard and he immediately barfed down my shirt, all over both of us, our clothes, shoes, and my cell phone that was in my hand.  The luckiest part of all of this was that I had just taken off my brand new tennis shoes and had put on my old tennis shoes that are 10 years old.  I have had the same pair of tennis shoes for 10 years (yes, 1999) and just last week decided it was time to get new ones--fancy! 

I took Hadley to the gym yesterday and it was a big success!!  She did great, never cried, and I did the elliptical for 20 minutes in peace and read my book.  Hayden still hates the gym, so we'll have to work on him.  Hayden and I had some special time yesterday after I picked him up from school.  Nannie babysat Hadley while she napped, so Hayden and I stopped at Panera and had cookies for snack.  He loved it, he thought he was big stuff sitting in the high chair eating cookies and telling all of the people who walked by to get to the restroom to "Potty and be back". 

I am going to Dallas this weekend for an old friend's wedding, and I am so excited!  Drew is going to take care of the kids alone Saturday afternoon, evening and Sunday morning.  I am so lucky! 

New paint 2009-01-23 11:53:11.0

Since we have been here in this house almost 2 years, we decided why not fix up the place a little bit and paint the hid.e.ous kitchen.  The older couple with apparently no taste who built the house had horrific wallpaper with an even more hideous border at the top installed in the kitchen.  So we're having it stripped and repainted!  They will also remove the border from our front hall as well.  Somehow this little project has been pushed aside since we moved in, which is not surprising since we had a 5 month old then, and then I was working and commuting an hour to work and then was pregnant and sick all the time, then we had Hadley and so on.  Not much time to fix this "dump" up, to use one of my little sister's favorite words.  Yay!  The crew is coming on Monday morning to start work.   

Today we made it at the gym for 15 minutes before they searched me out--they skipped paging me this time and sent an actual person to remove me from the elliptical.  We are going to keep on trying and see if we can make this gym thing work!  

Standing on the potty to pp 2009-01-22 11:55:03.0

Hayden went pp in the potty last night!  Of course he only wants to go if he can stand like Daddy, but he wants to stand ON the seat of the potty rather than in front of it.  I am not actually trying to potty train him, but he insisted that he stand on the seat and wanted to go pp so I didn't argue.  Probably not smart of me to let him do that but I was honestly too tired to argue.  I have a set number of fights in me for any given day and they were all used up last night.  But yay for getting the pp in the potty!

We are trying to join a gym not because I am into fitness (ha!!) but because they have childcare and I could get a few minutes of peace and read my book on the elliptical.  The first day there I had to retrieve the kids after 25 minutes because Hadley was hysterical.  On day 2, I had to fetch the children after about 26 minutes because they were both hysterical--most notably Hayden, which is odd since he is a former daycare kid and does fine in mothers day out, the church nursery, etc.  We are going to keep trying but so far I am not terribly optimistic...

Today we went to the grocery store and as I was hauling Hadley back into the car a lady came up to me and told me, in a very rude tone I might add, to "move your cart so I can back out my car".  Well, my cart wasn't in her way but I obliged and managed to just tell her to have a nice day instead of giving her the what-for and kicking her in the shins, which she totally deserved.  That was my good deed for today.  She reminded me of that lady in the security line at the airport when we moved from Albany to Austin.  We were trying to get through security with our 5 month old and our 19 pound evil cat who did not take well to the sedative and did not appreciate being dragged out of the cat-bag to be "inspected" for firearms or drug balloons or whatever it is that people with babies and kittens smuggle these days.  Anyway, THAT lady asked me to please hurry along as I was trying to flatten the stroller and keep Hayden from crying while Drew had Abby in a headlock and was chunking our bags onto the conveyor belt.  I gave her the icy glare but didn't give her a swift kick in the shins either.  

We're going to try another gym today and see if they are able to manage my children for more than 26 minutes.  I guess they are lucky since they can page and I will fetch when the kids fuss.  I wish I could page someone to come and fetch during the other 23 and a half hours of the day!  

New tricks 2009-01-20 12:21:57.0

Hadley's new trick is standing up in the middle of a room and not holding on to anything.  She can stand there for several seconds before sitting down on her bottom again.  She is so determined to get and do whatever Hayden is into.  She plows right over him and his toys.  She loves drinking from her sippy cup and has been doing that for several weeks.  She also likes to feed herself Wagon Wheels and Puffs, etc. 

Hayden's funny trick is shaking your hand and saying "hello".  He shakes Hadley's hand and says hello, too.  I taught him that because when Drew taught 2nd grade for 4 years, he stood at his door and greeted every student each morning with a handshake and a hello, which was the policy at his school so as to teach the children leadership and all that good stuff.  Hayden is prepared in case he ever happens to attend AB Combs Elementary in Raleigh.