Our Adoption Journey · November 07, 2006
Our Adoption Story 2006-11-07 19:28:52.0
We are Tim and Patty we are blessed with one son who is 14 and are adopting Gracie from China.  Tim and I have been married for 10 years, we knew we wanted to adopt about 8 years ago but wanted the time to be right.  We have a bumpy adoption story but feel like God put us in the country we needed to be.  We started in Guatemala and as many of you know there were many changes coming in 07 and we were really afraid to persue the country.  Our wonderful social worker from Heritage Vivian also did Haiti adoptions and Tim felt drawn to that country so we quickly changed over.  After several months of paper chasing and more bumps Tim announced that we were going to China.  Oh my I thought as we had so much of the paperwork already done for Haiti.  I really don't know what Vivian thought but being the wonderful person that she is she stayed with us to China!!  Heritage's new special needs list came out in August 06 and suprise Graice was on it.  So we sent in our LOI 8-28-06 (our letter of intent to adopt her) and received our PA (pre-approval) 9-22-06 one day after our 10 year anniversary!!!!  We are almost ready to send our dossier to China and start the offical wait!