In January of 2011 we began to hear God calling us to adopt again. This was not an easy decision as we were still coming off the heels of a very hard 6 months home with #2. To be very honest, I tried NOT to hear God calling. I even tried running from God. Anything really, not to have to step out in faith again. He kept calling and pursuing me. You see He had a plan. Before we began the process to adopt Xin, I had a "vision" of a little girl with a limb difference. Her name was Louisa. Is this child to be ours God- I wondered. However we found Xin and felt certain this was God's choosen child for us at that time.

January came and we decided to step out again in faith and trust HIs leading. We were not in a rush. Just signed up with some agencies to "see what happened". We were sent several files of little girls. None of them "ours". I kept holding on to that vision I had of a little girl with limb difference. If this is what God has choosen for us then she is out there waiting and we must also wait for God to reveal her to us. Well, we didn't have to wait long!

While on vacation Memorial Day morning, I opened our email to check messages. There was a message from our agency. Surely this is to tell us the office will be closed today. Never would I have thought when I clicked on this email that I would have seen my Louisa's face. There she was. The precious child God had sent me the vision of years before. Big brown eyes stared out at me. I scanned the file for her "special need". Deformed and misssing fingers and a few toes too. My heart lept and tightened all at the same time. Was this really her? We had 2 days, over the holiday weekend, on an island mind you, to get her file reviewed and the paperwork sent in. The praying-major praying started. Through some wonderful friends and doctors that helped us on their time off, we were given the "thumbs up". I called our agency and our Letter of Intent to adopt Xiangying, Louisa, was sent May 31st 2011. 

Louisa was born missing some fingers, toes and may have  clubbed feet-all pointing to Amniotic Banding Syndrome. She may need surgery to give her more function of her fingers and some casting on her feet if they are clubbed. She is in the Chenzhou CWI in the Hunan province of China where she has been since the day she was born-April 19, 2010. This is a Half the Sky orphanage which is very good news. These institutes have wonderful programs that give these kids the best chance at a "normal" life.

Since the time we said "yes" to this precious baby, God has connected so many dots and confirmed our decision to step out in faith in countless little ways. We praise Him for giving me the vision of Louisa long ago, for pursuing us and NOT giving up on us, for allowing us to parent this sweet baby, and for being there with us, as we know He will be, every step of the way for our little Louisa.