Getting ready for our Jilliana.  You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.
Only one more day! 2011-02-08 11:33:27.0
We are on the homestretch with an ending to the packing in site!  Only electronics and purse to get ready!  I just weighed the suitcases and now I am overweight!  The story of my life!  So I will have to do some shifting or downsizing!  I thought i was pretty calm, but last night I kept waking up and praying for every member of our family.  You know how you keep running something through you mind that you hear.  Well, "make your prayers specific, so you know when they are answered kept going through my head",  Do you know how many specific prayers I can think of for our large family plus extended family, plus friends?  There are a lot of things I asked for.  So now that I am awake, I need to write some of those down.
More packing! And getting ready! 2011-02-04 22:08:13.0
I am still working on packing.  I go  back and forth between what we should take and what we should leave behind.  We have been checking the weather reports and it looks like there could even be some snow in Xian and then it looks like it could be spring like in Guangzhou.  Only 5 more days until we leave!
Countdown to Jilliana 2011-01-21 16:32:45.0
The girls are getting excited about the trip!  The best way to show them the time until we go is for them to see it.  We made a paper chain countdown yesterday. Today we cut the first one and it is 19 days until we leave for our journey to Jilliana!

Packing the Pharmacy! 2011-01-21 16:19:05.0
Even though China has medicine, it is often very different than ours and it is written in Chinese so you don't even know what you would be buying.  On all of our trips we have traveled with basically a full pharmacy (or at least the medications that we think we could possibly need).  None of us take any prescribed medications on any regular basis, but we do ask for an antibiotic for everyone, scabies medications, and eyedrops for pink eye.  The rest is over the counter medications for colds, Tylenol, etc.   Here is our Pharmacy!  So glad to get something done.  We have also made Jilliana's appointment with the International Adoption Dr. the second week we are home.
Flight Arrangements are being made! 2011-01-11 11:14:08.0
We will be leaving on February 9th!  We will get Jilliana on February 14th! (How special is that?)  We will be returning on February 25th.  Mike will confirm those dates today.