Dear Director and Nannies,
We are very excited to be adopting Jihong.  We look forward to bringing her home as soon as possible.  We would love to come right now, but as you know it takes time to complete the adoption paperwork.   We are doing our part to make it go as fast as possible.
We know that Jihong is probably to young to understand what will be happening to her but we would appreciate it if you would show her our photographs of our family. Thank you for taking such good care of her.  She looks happy and healthy.  We love her little smile and the twinkle in her eyes. We would appreciate it if you would continue to allow her hair to grow.  We love her little pony tails.
We would like you to know that we live in California in the USA.   Jihong will have 5 sisters.  Two are adults and three are also from China.  Lily  Noel Xiaohuan is 7 and Emma  Sophia Mingjing and Meilynn Grace Shiyue are 5.  They are looking forward to having a new little sister. 
We plan to keep Jihong’s name as her middle name if she would want us to continue to call her Jihong.  Her full name will be Jilliana Elise Jihong.
We want to thank you for answering the questions that our agency asked you recently.  We would love to have new photographs if possible.
We know that Jihong has a nickname “Dou Dou.  Does that mean little bean or little dot?
Is Jihong in Hope Haven?
What are her favorite foods?
How does she go to sleep?
Does she sleep in a crib?
Please tell us more about our new daughter.  Anything that you can think of that will help us to know her.
Please tell her that she has a Mommy and Daddy  and sisters that already love her so much.
We will always be grateful for the wonderful care you have given Jihong.  We would love to come visit the SWI when we come to adopt Jihong.  We have heard such wonderful things about it.