Home At Last Journal page · August 06, 2007
Home 3 months now! 2007-10-31 10:01:39.0

Wow! I can't believe we have had Jaida for 3 months now! Let see, where do I begin? Well, she has been to the lake, the beach, amusement park, turned 1 on September 27th, was baptized Sunday October 28th, gained 3-1/2 pounds, grown 1-1/2 inches and been to more soccer games than she can count! She can even kick the soccer ball!

She is an amzing little girl so full of life, laughter and happiness! Jaida is truly a little gift sent straight from God. I marvel at how perfect she is for our family! God knew this all along as I struggled and whined about the wait! God is so GOOD!!! For all of you thinking about adopting or waiting to adopt, it is the most wonderful thing we have ever done! Praise God for laying this upon our hearts. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat if it wasn't taking close to 5 years now in China. It is hard to get to the computer to update this site now that I have 3 kids to divide my attention among and a precious baby that loves to be held! I will try from time to time to continue to update. I see these beautiful sites where they are updated weekly-WOW you people are awesome! We welcome continued prayers for our family of 5 and our sweet baby girl! Blessings to All!  Amy

Home At Last 2007-08-06 10:15:34.0

Home!!!! What a great feeling to be back home with all the people we love! China was a fantastic experience and one we will never forget but now we are ready to begin "the rest of the story". We arrived home at 11:00pm Thurs. nite after 29 hours of travel and were greeted by Mimi  and Papa Bill rocking away on the front porch. They had balloons on the mailbox and a huge banner across the front porch that read" Welcome Home Jaida!" Inside our good friends the Inmans, had made a welcome home sign and had balloons with each of our names on them. What a great homecoming!!!! Travel was hard but the kids were so good. We touched down in Detroit at 2:28:15(thanks Julia for recording the time)and that is when Jaida became a US citizen. The flight attendant said "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the United States of America!" I cried again! Customs and immigration were a HUGE headache and the border patrol and customs agents were extremely rude and unkind. I was embarrased to say I was an American after seeing the way they treated some of those people! We were treated so kindly by the Japanese and Chinese. We are all very jet-lagged and Sam and Jaida have been running fevers. Jaida is trying to adjust to her new surroundings and is quite clingy. I think she is afraid we are all going to go away. Sweet baby, you are stuck with us the rest of your life! Well, I will continue to journal from time to time and to add new photos so stay tuned. Again, we thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and for the love of our Almighty God who again is SO good! All my Love,  Amy

PS. I don't know if many of you were able to hear the music we had set with Jaida's referral picture. If you have pop-up blockers on your computer, which most do, you would not have heard the song. It is by Casting Crowns, Lifesong(the one at the END of the cd) the words are so perfect: "I once was lost but now I'm found, so far away but I'm home now  and now my lifesong sings to You." We pray that our baby girl knows she is home with our family and with her loving Lord and may her lifesong  forever sing praises to Him!