Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas from the Lossings!

We are all faring well and consider the year 2009 to be marked by the Lord’s unexpected blessings.  He is continually refining us, showing us that His ways are greater than our ways, and challenging our definition of what His blessings “should” look like.  The Lossing Family adventures continue, and here are some of the recent highlights:

John has had a busy and rewarding year working for BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, an up-and-coming company that has been on the frontlines of treating H1N1. He works closely with the federal government agency that is sponsoring the development of one of BioCryst’s new drugs that is being used to treat people who are hospitalized with the flu.  For John’s company, there is unexpected blessing in the pandemic outbreak of the H1N1 flu. They can help bring the drug to those who need it most.

Beth is keeping busy with a new full-time job as teacher of a one-room schoolhouse: Bluebird Hill Christian School was officially opened in the fall and currently has 3 students enrolled. J  Honestly, I never thought I would homeschool.  I had a plethora of legitimate reasons: I am not qualified.  How could I be sure I am doing enough?  I don’t have the patience for this.  How can I possibly teach three children at once, especially when the youngest with sensory processing disorder and attachment issues is so high needs?  My children are too social to be at home. I am a better mother when I have time away from them.  No, I couldn’t possibly do this!  I am not cut out for this!  I wrestled with the LORD for about a year over these excuses and insecurities and He won.  What I anticipated to be a life-sapping, burdensome undertaking has been the opposite.  There is unexpected blessing in schooling at home.

We are still living in limboland. While we endure a 2+ year journey to one day unpack our moving boxes, our schoolhouse has taken the form of a short-term 3 BR apartment in the Morrisville/Cary area. We continue to await either the sale of our cabin to enable us to close on the new construction in Cary or the sale of the new construction to someone else in order for us to be able to finally settle somewhere permanently and, most importantly, make a HOME.  The modest space and lack of “stuff” in the apartment has been God-ordained and a contributing factor to homeschooling getting off on the right foot.  There is unexpected blessing in our space becoming less.

We are anticipating a 4th paper pregnancy soon.  But this time we’re going to Africa!  We always thought we’d go back to China, unless God rerouted us.  Well He did and, much to our surprise, He told us to go to Rwanda to adopt a son and give him the name Ezra.  We have been researching the process, contacting the agency we have used to adopt from China all three times, and finding out everything we can about Rwanda.  To say our education about Rwanda and the tragedy that occurred there 15 years ago has been eye-opening is a vast understatement, and our hearts are convinced that the Lord is blessing our family with a child from this beautiful country.  We don’t know exactly how or when the adoption will proceed, but we know God will provide and direct in His perfect time.  There is unexpected blessing in moving past our cultural prejudices to see God’s heart for a part of the world we hadn’t considered before now.

It is humbling to know that the Creator of the Universe loves each of us so much that He sacrificed His Son on the cross for our sins so that through our belief in Him, we will have eternal life with God in Heaven.  There is unexpected blessing in the events of over 2,000 years ago: that a virgin named Mary endured a tarnished reputation in order to deliver the Son of God, that there was no room at the inn, that Jesus was born in a dirty stable, that His death became the way for us to have life.  We thank God for each one of you and rejoice with you in His birth and ultimate sacrifice.  Merry Christmas!


John, Beth, Jonathan, Mia & Sophie

P.S. Check out "On the Homefront" for some updates on the children.