Christmas 2006 · September 10, 2010


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

from the Lossing Family!

Welcome to our Christmas 2006 Electronic Newsletter!  We have lots of updates to share, but before we get started with that, the most important thing for us to acknowledge is the unconditional love and grace that we have experienced as a family in 2006 from our Heavenly Father.  Our God is an Awesome God! 

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Beth's 3rd Paper Pregnancy

As you probably all remember, at the end of 2005 we had just returned from China after completing our second adoption from that beautiful country.  Sophie arrived in the USA on December 16, 2005 to join her big sister, Mia.  During 2006, the girls have become true sisters in every way - playing together, competing for their parents' attention, and looking out for each other.  It has been so much fun to watch their relationship grow.

Well, it didn't take long for God to speak to us about growing our family again.  In May, we heard God very clearly telling us to pursue the adoption of a little boy in an orphanage in Inner Mongolia, China named Zhao Xiao Kang.  So we called our agency and we were off on the paper chase again!  Jonathan Elias has been in his orphanage since he was 3 and is now 6 years old.  He has congenital heart disease and has already had one open heart surgery in Beijing.  We are very excited to report that God allowed many critical events to take place so that we could send our dossier off to China on December 22!  We are now awaiting the formal approval from the Chinese government to make the long trip to adopt Jonathan.  Based on the current wait times, we anticipate traveling to China in early Spring, 2007 to bring our son home.

Mia's Kidney Disease in Remission

In November, Mia completed her first year in the clinical trial program to combat her kidney disease, FSGS.  This was a critical milestone as she discontinued her main medicine to see if her kidneys would function normally on their own.  We are overwhelmingly humbled to report that God has kept Mia in remission since coming off her medicine.  This is particularly significant because Mia has had a couple of viral illnesses since stopping her kidney meds.  These illnesses "should have" triggered a relapse for Mia, but our God is bigger than that!  Mia has not relapsed and the doctors report that they are extremely pleased with how she has responded.  Go God!

Sophie's Healed Heart

You probably remember that Sophie was adopted as a "special needs" child, our first from China's Waiting Child program.  She was born with a small hole in her heart (VSD).  Well, once again, we are humbled to report that God has almost completely closed that hole.  During her 12-month checkup, we were told by Sophie's cardiologist that the hole is so small now that the blood cells are only able to pass through "two-by-two".  The doctor again assured us that Sophie will never have any issues or restrictions related to her heart and that she is, for all intents and purposes, a perfectly healthy child!  Go God again!

Our New Log Cabin - Bluebird Hill

In late June, on a whim, John did an internet search for log cabins for sale in Virginia.  The very first link that was returned was to a property down in Fancy Gap, VA.  We immediatley fell in love with the pictures and called the realtor to find out if it was still available.  Less than two months later, God had worked out all the details and provided our family with a beautiful retreat in the mountains of southwest Virginia.  We spent a wonderful week there in October at the peak of the fall foliage season.  We feel truly blessed by Him and wish we could get to use it more frequently.  But, because it sits vacant most of the time, we would love to offer it to any of you who would like to enjoy it.  You can see it at the link on the left called "Our Cabin 'Bluebird Hill'".

John's Job Change

After 24 years with the same company, General Dynamics, John was presented with a new career opportunity as Director of Finance with IMS Health.  Although it was hard to leave the company he had worked for since he was 18, John saw this as God's provision and made the change in February.  While very different from GD, John feels blessed by the opportunity God has provided to contribute professionally to this new organization.

All in all, 2006 has been another amazing year in the Lossing household.  As we look forward to 2007, we joyfully anticipate our newest family member coming home and embracing whatever else God has in store for us.  May the Lord bless you and your family in 2007!