The night before Thanksgiving · November 22, 2006
The Night Before Thanksgiving! 2006-11-22 20:20:54.0
I had the day off today to prepare for Thanksgiving, all of my family will be here for supper.  I was thinking back on this year and what a hard but wonderful year it was.  Faith our beautiful foster daughter went home last week to her biological father and it has been a very hard adjustment for our family.  Her father has agreed that we may continue to see her and we are so thankful!!  The blessings that she brought to our lives were so wonderful, yet her departing was so bitter-sweet.  Then I think of little Gracie being a half of a world away, a child that I don't know but already love so much!!  I am very thankful that Gracie will be able to come home next year.  I started thinking of everything else that I am thankful for and am very humbled by the grace of God!!!  We are such a blessed family to have our health, jobs, family and wonderful friends.  I know Gracie will be happy to be home!!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Gracie this is your last Thanksgiving in China!!!