Praise the Lord were in China!!! · May 13, 2007
Praise the Lord were in China!! 2007-05-13 01:30:09.0

Hello Everyone from China!!!  We didn't have internet access last night when we got in so I couldn't update our site.  I think we were in the air about 19 hrs. plus two more today!!  The plane ride from Detroit to Narita, Japan was the longest being about 12 hrs.  Let me say I'm now a pro at riding an airplane.  Tim was able to sleep the biggest part of the long trip, I wasn't!, I was in the B seat being the middle with a nice Korean man on one side and Tim on the other.  I did watch 3 movies during that time!! The only thing that got me through the trip was prayer,so everyone keep it up.  We know were being lifted up. We both have jet lag, he wants to sleep and I'm pretty wired up!!   Everything here is quite different than home and traffic is a nightmare here in ZZ, no traffic lights.  I think we avoided 20 accidents on the way to the motel, it looks just like normal for here!!!  Might I add that the plane trip to ZZ had a very interesting landing???  Someone in training???Well, tomorrow is the BIG day, keep us in your prayers!!  We hope Gracie transitions easily!!