I wanted to share some things about Xin that we have observed over the lst few hours he has been our son. So here they are in no particular order:

He is Jaida's height but feels much heavier-he is solid!

He has beauiful skin.

His hair is really short!

He has such a gentle spirit- he is kind, gentle, sharing, caring and loving.Last night he lined up his stuffed animals on his pillow and pulled the covers up carefully under their chin and patted them.

He speaks very good Chinese according to our guide. He tries to say alot of English words and does pretty well. He does not use his lips to form his words though-speech therapy here we come!

His lip looks much better than I anticipated.

He was loved. My prayer for a year now has been that he was shown love and not just our love but God's love and I believe he was Our God is awesome!

He is SMART!!!! He picks up everything very quickly and tries new things and wants to do them on his own.

He is happy. He hums and swings his little feet!

He loves to eat and share his food.

He asks permission from me, seeks me out, before he does something.

He tells us when we has to go potty and goes on his own.

He chops play doh like a sous chef.

He is just so adorable and we love him to pieces!!!!!!!

We are going to the zoo today so I will post pics later. Have good sleep!